10 serious Kanchipuram silk saree wearing mistakes that can ruin your entire look

Silk Sarees are an essential staple to every ladies. They adorn it with divine grace and not to forget, it looks quintessential. The 6 yard Kanchipuram silk sarees are a must nowadays. Gone are the days when they were only worn by south Indian brides. Now, all of our beautiful ladies buy at least one Kanchipuram saree and wear it for a special occasion. The saree trend is here to stay and for all the good reasons.

Sarees suit every body type, no matter how heavy or thin you are, saree will always wrap your body gracefully making you look no less than a diva. Well, that’s why we love saree so much! But, we are not here to talk about how good a woman looks when she wears saree, but we are here to talk about the mistakes that you make while wearing a saree. Sarees are a graceful attire, and they should be worn keeping in mind a few things to ensure that you look no less than a goddess.

Here are our top 10 sins that you are committing while draping a Kanchipuram saree. Well, thank us later, first read what these mistakes are.
  1. You are wearing an unfit blouse

The 6 yards Kanchipuram silk saree making may not be in your hands, but what about the blouse? A blouse piece is an essential garment and silk saree is incomplete without a gorgeous blouse. Don’t we all focus on how our blouse should look like and how it will fit us? Well, after all, a blouse is the masterpiece, and you should pay attention to it.

Don’t wear a blouse which is unfit, just stop doing it! Always wear a saree that will compliment your saree. Don’t just wear it for the hack of it. It’s the blouse that will finally decide the fate of your overall look. If the blouse is to lose or unfit, just dispose of.

Having said that, just because we have talked about not to wear an unfit saree, also avoid wearing blouses which are way too tight! If you are on a heavier side, then the tight fit blouse will reveal your extra fat, and that sight will surely not look appealing. Flaunt your body well.

Keep the blouse simple but gorgeous, don’t overdo it with a lot of accessories.

  1. You are wearing your Kancheepuram silk saree too low

All of us love to flaunt our body, but showing a lot of skin and hoping that will look good with saree can be a disaster. Wearing a crop top with mid-rise jeans is entirely different than wearing a Kancheepuram saree just below the navel. Now, we are not saying that this style will not suit everyone. In fact, if your height is 5’5’’ and you are skinny then wearing a saree too low could be your style. But, if you are a tall lady with a height of 5’8’’ and above and are skinny then you should not tuck the bottom half of the saree too low. Kanjivaram Silks has unique, exclusive silk sarees.
  1. The Kanchipuram saree is not platted adequately

The next thing to look after while platting your Kanchipuram silk sarees is to see the number of plates you are making. You should never drape the saree just like that thinking that it looks good on you. You should keep the number of plates according to body height ratio. Let’s say you are 5’5’’ then don’t make plates which are more than 4 to 5 in number. Maintain the distance of the plates to make them look organized. You can also iron the plates if need be to keep it intact.

  1. You are draping the pallu all wrong

Pallu comes in all different styles nowadays, Kanchipuram sarees makers spend quite amount of time to make the pallu look gorgeous, mainly because it’s the pallu that gets highlighted. Here are some rules for you. Don’t stuff the pallu with a lot of pins. Just use one brooch and pin it up to ensure that it won’t fall off. Show the border work of your pallu, that’s the highlight of the pallu. If you are someone who has heavy bust then covering the chest with the pallu while letting the pallu float will be a good idea.

  1. The length of the pallu is just not right!

Since we have already spoken about pallu and how you should drape it, the next point to keep in mind is the height of pallu. Don’t keep the length of pallus short, it doesn’t look good. Simultaneously, don’t let it flow and wipe the floor as well. Keep it long, long enough that it doesn’t cross your legs.

  1. You are wearing a wrong petticoat

The next most important thing to remember while wearing a saree is to choose the right petticoat. You may say that it remains under the saree, why bother? But you know what you should bother. If you are wearing light coloured saree then don’t wear a bright coloured petticoat, it’s a big NO-NO! Buy the correct fabric for the petticoat that will keep your saree in place. Don’t tie the petticoat around your belly area too tight, this will make you feel exhausted and uncomfortable.

  1. You are adding too many pins

We know that at times maintaining a saree could get a little difficult, especially if you are a newbie, but you should never cover your saree with too many of them. Let the pallu of your saree flow freely, don’t add too many pins, one brooch is enough.

  1. You are wearing the wrong footwear

Saree is an ethnic attire and yes there are many ways to make your overlook ultra-modern yet ethnic, but wearing floater under saree is completely wrong. Choose the correct height for the pair of shoes you are wearing. Wear some heels with nice colour. Boring colour will make your overall look go out of sync.

  1. You are adding wrong accessories

Gone are the days when women used to drape a saree, wear a sandal and a set of jewellery. Now they are more into the latest trends. You can accessories your saree. Choose a nice looking kamarband for your saree with studded diamonds. This is look is perfect for wedding ceremonies and parties. Wear a maang tikka. Don’t run away with a plain look.

  1. You are not able to choose the right jewelry

Jewellery is a must when you wear a saree. If you are under the impression that the key to complete a nice saree look is to wear a heavy jewellery set, then dear ladies, you are wrong. If you are choosing a heavy necklace set, then skip earrings or wear simple studs. But if you are going other way around and buying a heavy pair of earrings then go for a thin gold chain for the neck.

We hope our tips to go right with the saree will help you the next time you wear a saree. Keep the spark, look good and don’t commit these mistakes!

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