4 Situations When You Need an Immigration Lawyer

Working and living in the United States of America is a dream for many people around the world, and this doesn’t come as a surprise if we consider the number of opportunities and how better they are. The U.S is one of the most developed countries in the world and the one with a high standard of living, which itself sounds great and something we can expect from the land of the free. Everyone wants to live the famous “American dream.” However, people’s journey to come and stay here is specific and can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t know or are entirely unfamiliar with what to expect and all the procedures coming your way. Whatever the reason for such a move, you’re often faced with a long, bureaucratic legal process that isn’t easy to navigate. Now, this is where immigration lawyers come into the picture, as they can assist with legal advice, representation, and a guiding hand.

If you work with an experienced full-service immigration law firm like USLawCenterOnline, you can increase the chances of getting citizenship faster and have a legal representation that will do the leg work for you. By turning to reputable immigration lawyers, you simply give yourself the best conditions for success, which in most cases can be a key to the successful yet sometimes turbulent voyage that applying for citizenship actually is.

That is why below, we look at four situations when hiring an immigration lawyer could turn out to be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Applying for A Green Card

The US government often tends to change the conditions for green card applications. Understandably, doing so can lead to even more legal and procedural issues, especially if someone doesn’t check what paperwork is needed and what those new and changed conditions are or do not understand what they mean. That is why when trying to obtain your green card or other benefits related to immigration, these changes can often pose challenges. You might find yourself uncertain about the basic eligibility for a green card. In this type of situation, and in order to avoid making any mistakes or not filing the proper paperwork and all the documents, it’s always a much better option to consult the experts because a good immigration lawyer is required to keep up with the latest changes and will sit down with you to evaluate all options available. They’ll let you know whether a person needs any waivers, if they are eligible to apply for residence inside the US and whether they need to apply for an immigrant visa outside the United States at a consulate.

There might be risks involved when applying for a green card, and a reliable immigration lawyer will be honest and help you decide whether it’s smart to take the risk or not. Therefore, it’s always wise to get advice from a knowledgeable immigration lawyer before applying for any immigration benefit, as doing so can cause other problems, depending on the circumstances.

Facing Removal Proceedings or Deportation

Now, this is a pretty important matter since, in this situation, time is of the essence. An immigration lawyer can help you navigate this scenario, especially if you’ve been informed that any deportation or removal proceedings have begun. The stakes are high in this situation, and having a lawyer with expertise in immigration law by your side will improve the chances of staying in the country and avoid an adverse ruling over your petition, which can lead to deportation. Deportation is probably a word no one would like to hear mentioned close to their name, and to avoid getting in any trouble, immigration attorneys with vast experience in this field can play a huge role.

In addition, an immigration lawyer can also help those who have been deported for some reason and want to return to the U.S., as they’ll create a plan of action and guide you step-by-step through the re-applying process and all other actions that one should make in this type of situation. Of course, before hiring a lawyer, make sure to invest in one that has a history of winning similar cases to yours, as doing so is, in most cases, the key to success.

Investing And Launching A Business


Looking to apply for an investor visa such as an EB-5 or EB-2 can be a complex and time-consuming process for anyone busy running their business, so hiring an excellent immigration lawyer can be the perfect solution.

They can help with sorting and preparing the necessary documents, offer professional advice, take the right steps within the necessary timeframe, and realize the whole plan to set up your business in the country. Besides that, they are familiar with the law and know how to finish everything according to it. Trying to start a business without proper help can be pretty challenging because of many reasons, and one of them is definitely not knowing the law well enough to do it without any problems. Besides that, gathering all the necessary documents is never easy and can be stressful, so it is a much better option to leave it to the professional and pay attention to other things that should be finished instead of paperwork.

Looking for Asylum

Sometimes people can find themselves in a difficult situation when they need to look for safe asylum because their life is threatened in their native home or because they are being persecuted for political reasons. It is not an easy situation, and because of that, they need all the help they can get to make sure they will end that fight as winners. When it comes to that situation, it is in their best interest to find an immigration attorney who has extensive knowledge in this very complicated area of law to help them tell their story and represent them in your proceedings.

Regardless of whether they’re applying with the USCIS or before an immigration court, a professional immigration lawyer will know how to best fit their personal story under the law to give them the best odds of getting an approved application. Besides that, an immigration lawyer also has the ability to apply for discretionary relief on behalf of these people if the proceedings for their removal from the country have begun.

It’s extremely rare to hear of asylum seekers who’ve had their asylum applications approved without a skilled immigration lawyer, and because of that, hiring an experienced one is a must. Before choosing a lawyer for the case, it is necessary to make sure to look for a person who’ll give you an honest assessment and be open about whether or not you have a good chance of winning your case.

Final Thoughts


As seen above, there are many situations when having an immigration lawyer with years of experience handling immigration-related cases can have a profound impact on our life and future. A good immigration attorney will be our front line of defense who’ll work in our best interest and fight for our immigration status. Starting this fight without any help can do more harm than good, and that is why hiring someone with enough experience is always a good investment in the future. Although many people could think that it is unnecessary and costly, some cases are simply impossible to win without an attorney or much more difficult to do it that way. Because of that, it is crucial to think well before making the final decision and choose the best person when you decide to hire a lawyer, and when it comes to immigration law, choosing the one with enough experience is a must.

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