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Who donates more to charity? Liberals or Conservatives

Currently, the United States of America is being pulled apart by two political ideologies that are extremely opposite from one another. Both sides are giving their best in order to look better than their opponent, and when it comes to looking better, what’s more, effective than giving money in charity?

There have been some debates going on for a long time now about which side is the one that gives more money for charity purposes, and it is safe to say that the answer is not so easy to put out. The battle is pretty much balanced and the results are evening out in most scenarios, however, there must be a winner at the end of the day, and we are here to proclaim it.

Everything that we are going to be discussing in this article is backed up by analytics and studies, so if you want to learn more, feel free to continue reading up until the end. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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The charity donating war – Liberals vs Conservatives

Although you will be seeing a lot of different answers all over the internet, simply because of who wrote them, the answer to this question might vary a lot. However, according to several surveys, one of them being the statistic posted by the New York Times, the Republicans seem to be funding charities more than the Democrats. However, it is also known that they live in areas in which the taxes are much lower, and they make more money on average as well, which makes it kind of reason that they are involved in charity work much more than the Democrats. Feel free to view more here.

However, here’s one thing that’s a bit “shady” in the entire situation. Although the conservatives happen to be donating more to charity, it is quite impossible to know where exactly the money is going and which organizations are being supported due to the private transactions. Whether or not the collective good of the country and charity overall is being improved by these donations is not really transparent.

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The reason why people believe that Democrats are giving more money for charitable causes is simply that their entire mentality revolves around doing societal good, which is the main goal of charity organizations. Also, they are not as interested in religion as the other party, which means that most of their money doesn’t go in religion purposes but in charity instead.

You probably understand why it is so hard to give an answer to the question of who donates more, simply because there are many factors and biased information out there on the internet. For example, if you run into a source that’s written by the Democrats, you’ll probably find an answer that points out they are the one who is donating to charity far more than the other party and vice versa. However, we are giving our totally unbiased opinion on the subject, and only providing answers that are backed up by facts and numbers from legit, also unbiased sources.


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