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GoDaddy website builder review – Is it Best Page Builder?

When starting your journey into the unknown territory of website developing, you can agree that there is one familiar help the whole world has heard of, and that is GoDaddy website builder. If building your site is determined with what you know, an affordable and reliable source to entrust with such a task is a must.

Note, that the high price of an experienced developer is not a certainty that he will deliver you the product you expect, and people tend to overlook this fact.

GoDaddy is extremely popular and represents probably the most significant domain registered on the market now on the globe. More than affordable with a one-month free trial for their InstantPage builder, it is a magnet for anyone who wants to create a website for its own purposes. We have done the homework and will point out the positives and the negative side when opting for GoDaddy website builder services.

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At the start of the consideration Godaddy to entrust with the creating of your future website, you know that the offer of $1 for their hosting service is almost impossible to resist.  If you would switch to standard hosting way and create your site with a platform like Joomla or WordPress, you will not be able to go under the offer presented by Godaddy. On the other hand, such an affordable offer does not guarantee you sensational uptime.  The competition in the same market as,,, and Bold. The grid has opened our eyes that their uptime guarantee of 99.9% is not the best offer we can get. If you are looking for more information, go here.

The best thing I personally like with working with GoDaddy building service for my website is the support team behind every project. Their support team works wonders 24/7, seven days a week whether, by email, phone, or live chat, they will solve the issue you have been stuck with. We must mention a downside which even such a support team can’t help you with, and that is the lack of password-protected pages. This may not be a crucial fact for some users but not being able to password-protect individual pages of your website is a big minus for this hosting company.

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As we mentioned above, the start process is absolutely free of charge with a one-month free trial InstantPage site builder on your side each step of the way. This may represent a turning point in the life of your company, and with the help of social manager SEO tools like Business Plus plan, you are one click away of making your site noticeable online instantly. No one will, on the other hand, inform you to expect basic design for your decision to go with this hosting company. We must then underline that GoDaddy’s website builder interface is best for basic designs for you to have that in mind when considering this option for your website.

Offering more than 300 themes and templates with such options with their site builder plans, allows the majority of users to find what they have been searching for. Different categories to choose themes to your liking is an excellent plus to mention, but know that you will not be able to switch between them without losing your content. This is limiting information for your website, we recommend to choose wisely the theme and stick with it.

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The empowering fact about GoDaddy website builder is that is made for anyone. Step by step, explaining how to set up your website for beginners to have a chance is massive. The helping hand to opening your online store is there, but you will not be provided with eCommerce tools because the main site doesn’t include an offer with eCommerce included. For that purpose, you can opt to use a separate online store builder, probably for much as twice then the premium site builder plan you thought in the first place. There are many similar services to GoDaddy website builder tool which easily can be discovered on HostingSprout, the team behind has shared some of the topnotch builders available in the market with in-depth reviews.

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