What are some of the famous car names that will seemingly never die?

Just like with many other products, modern advertising techniques have pushed carmakers to come up with a wide palette of different models, to compete in various segments of the market. This means that weird words, like the VW’s Touareg, are the names of cars. In addition, meaningless combinations of letters and numbers like the Hyundai’s i30 serve model markings, quickly surpassed by a new edition with a higher number.

Some cars, however, managed to sway away from this trend with names and models that survived father time. These iconic vehicles remained in production for decades. These living legends provide a clear and amazing insight into car design history. Each new generation represents the era in which it was created and serves as an inspiration for the next.

For this reason, let us honor these long-lasting models by taking a look at their evolution over the decades, and how they became the vehicles we know and love today.

7. Honda Civic (1972 – Present)

Honda was thinking to pull out of the car manufacturing game completely before they released the first Civic. They changed their mind in 1972 when their subcompact became a massive hit around the globe because of its great fuel efficiency, and a very reliable engine.

Since then, the Civic went through ten generations of alterations. It is an example of Honda’s renowned engine making abilities. Its famous K, VTEC and CVCC units powered it through the years.