What is the Safest Way to Transport Dogs Long Distance?

Having a pet means having a family member. We definitely classify dogs and cats as more conscious pets and we often call them best friends. They will follow your every move, they will always want your presence and attention, and they will be able to show very clearly the satisfaction and happiness when they see you, no matter how separated you were. Every dog ​​has a different character. That’s why some pets like long journeys while others don’t want to get in the car.

However, your task is to provide your dog with safe transport to the desired location. You need to approach planning carefully so that everything is in order before and during the trip. If you want to move with a pet, and you do not know what you need for that, we suggest you read the rest of this text.

Vehicle preparation

The best choice of vehicle is definitely a car designed to transport dogs. Its interior is adapted to the needs and nature of these animals. Reliable companies use certified boxes that have been tested for shocks and many other factors. That means they will be safe all the time. We have to mention that behind the company are mostly people who are dog breeders. In that case, your dog will be in safe hands, because these experts have enough knowledge and experience in communicating with dogs.

However, if you do not want to use these services, you can always use your car. Before you go on a trip, your dog must be your priority, and that is a little harder if you are traveling with small children or if you do not have enough space in the vehicle. However, if you want your pet to feel safe and comfortable while driving, provide him with enough space, custom built cages, appropriate climate, frequent rest stops and other things. Remember that the dog should not lie next to sharp objects, it should lie on a softer surface while surrounded by toys and we should not sit in the front seat. This place is very dangerous for your pet, because if the airbag is activated, it could cause fatal injuries. If you realize that your vehicle is not suitable for this type of long distance trip, find out about alternatives at

Diet before the trip

If you do not want your dog’s stomach to get upset during the trip, do not feed him just before moving. Imagine what a mess it can be if your pet misses the road, so don’t take any chances. This means that you will feed him a little earlier than usual, which is at least three hours before the trip. If you haven’t traveled with your dog even to less remote locations so far, consider a test drive. So, check how he handles the trip and what his behavior is. Regardless of the distance of the location, stick to this diet plan. Dogs and cats can also tolerate travel as badly as humans.

We do not give animals preventive preparations against nausea, but we prepare them in order to have a better chance of peaceful trip.

For a start, it can be a quick drive to the park or the vet, and then decide on a slightly longer distance. This is a great dressage if you have a puppy, because it will get used to driving a car even at an early age. It would be ideal to take him to an exciting location to learn that a car is a good thing. However, if your location is not so spectacular, you can always give him a great reward to remember this trip. Such training usually lasts for a maximum of 2 months before the dog gets used to driving.

Breaks during the trip

On the way, avoid sweets and any food for the same reason, but take more frequent breaks and offer your pet water. If you are going to a further destination, take a break during the trip where you will feed and walk your pet to defecate and digest the food he has ingested. In order for your pet not to become dehydrated, more frequent breaks are needed during which you will offer him water.

Of course, this does not mean that you will wake a pet that is calm or asleep because of the water, but if it is awake and your journey has been going on for several hours, stop and allow the pet to satisfy its physiological needs.

Activities in the car

Driving is equally strenuous for people, children and animals. You will probably get bored after a few hours of driving. In such a situation, people usually turn up the music to wake up and cheer up, but consider how it affects your pet.

Dogs and cats hear much better than humans, so they don’t really like noise and loud sounds. Usually, when there is noise, they stand out a little to have their peace. Avoid loud music in the car because they will certainly not like it.

Additionally, you might distract him from boredom or nervousness with his favorite toys. For safety reasons, if you are the only human in the car driving, you should not play an active game while driving. If you want to keep your driving as safe as possible, you should prepare some leak-proof belly bands for dogs, so no matter how excited or anxious he gets, he won’t make a mess in the car that could endanger your safety.

Stress relief

Unfortunately, sometimes a dog experiences great stress even in ideal conditions. That’s why you should have an anti-stress plan. Prepare for this situation at least a month in advance by talking to your veterinarian. He can prescribe you an anti-anxiety medication that your pet will consume or give you clear instructions for calming the dog.

No matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to remove all the causes of stress and create an ideal environment. Your car is not designed to transport dogs, so it is always better to hire a transport company.


If you follow all the above procedures, we believe that there will be no problems and that your pet will enjoy the trip. So, the best way to move with pets is to drive a car. Traveling by car is always a better option because it is easier and more comfortable and offers more possibilities. This will reduce risk and stress while the dog will be your priority while moving. Be aware of changes in your pet’s mood because moving long distances will not be easy for some dogs. They do not understand what is happening, so calm them down in advance and prepare them for the trip in order to be happier.

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