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“The Titan” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson premieres this January

The new game shos hosted by the famous WWE legend and Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson will begin in January 2019 on Channel 13.

The Titan Games is a game show that features people from all around the United States, who compete in an arena against one of the six reigning “Titans.” They have to participate and win in a series of endurance-based physical and mental challenges of “epic proportions”.

If they are successful, they will earn the spot on the show as the new members of the group of Titans. They then defend their title every week against newcomers, and try to last as long as possible.

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In the season finale, the remaining Titans face each other to see who is the last male and female standing.
The NBC network collaborated with the executive producer and host Dwayne Johnson for this new sports competition series.

The filming began in September of this year, while the official premiere is set for January 3, 2019. It is set to be an extremely entertaining show.

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