The Foods You Should Be Cautious about after Cosmetic Surgery

What you eat and drink after your cosmetic surgery procedure will make a difference to how quickly and efficiently you recover. Some foods are more beneficial than others and can lead to certain side effects that won’t do you any favors during your recovery.

The key is to stick to as many whole foods as you can. Processed foods can be eaten but shouldn’t make up a large portion of your diet while you recover. There are, however, several specific types of food that are nutritious but could have adverse effects during your recovery. 

If your surgeon is operating from a reputable clinic such as, you will be provided with specific aftercare instructions that will help you experience a smoother recovery. However, it always helps to have a little extra knowledge anyway. 

Foods to Think Twice about During Your Recovery

Here are three types of food that could make your surgical recovery a little more complicated.

Red Meat

Your body needs quality sources of protein during your recovery to build new, healthy tissue. However, red meat is one type of protein that could cause constipation. Constipation is a common side effect of the anesthesia and eating certain types of foods, particularly red meat, can make your recovery slightly more uncomfortable. To play it safe, it’s best to stick to proteins such as chicken, fish, turkey and pork during your recovery. By eating enough protein, you will provide your body with essential building blocks that will make the healing process that much easier and faster. 


Everyone loves a good cup of coffee in the mornings but your body does need to break it down to move it through your system. When you’re taking antibiotics after your surgery, not only will this affect the rate at which caffeine is able to leave your system but caffeine is also known to lower the absorption of antibiotics, which is not something you want after your procedure. Don’t forget that there is caffeine present in soda and chocolate too so be aware of what you’re consuming. 


You could be eating all of the right foods but you need to be very careful about storing, reheating and eating leftovers when you’re trying to recover from a surgical procedure. With leftovers, there is always a risk of food poisoning, not something you can afford to go through when your system is run down and trying to heal. On top of that, nausea and vomiting could put your incisions and sutures at risk and you won’t be able to keep your pain medication and antibiotics down either. To avoid food poisoning, be sure to store your leftovers in clean, covered containers and to place the containers in the fridge if you won’t be eating the food in the next two hours. Any cooked food should be consumed within three days and you should never reheat a dish more than once. 

Eating correctly after your cosmetic surgery procedure is simple, you just need to be aware of the foods that could lead to side effects.