The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 3 will air on the November 19

The series returned after an exciting sixth season, and now we will have the chance to see the third episode, which by the synopsis that we received should be very exciting.

The search for the treasure continues, and the team seems to be in front of a significant breakthrough.

The episode is titled “The Eye of the Swamp” and the synopsis from the TV Guide reads: “Gary detects a strange, stone structure embedded in the swamp and after years of searching and speculation, the Laginas get scientific proof that the swamp is young and likely man-made.”

It seems that the Lagina Brother’s speculation will be true, and if the swamp is human-made, that could potentially mean that it was created to cover up the treasure.

What will the new structure mean for our favorite treasure hunters, and how could it lead to a solution? What will be the thing they will uncover, and what piece of history will be presented to us?

You can watch “The Curse of Oak Island” season 7, episode 3, on November 19 at 9 PM on the History channel.