What are the Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Weed Eater?

Owning a weed eater is essential for the garden and its maintenance. There is not a better way of keeping your backyard in good condition, and get rid of all that annoying and unwanted weeds than with a good trimmer. Also, unlike the lawnmower, weed eater can reach some hard to reach places in your yard.

Weed eaters are available on the market for a long time. A good trimmer can be in function for years without significant difficulties. However, some weed eaters can lose power over the years, and there are always many upgrades each year, which makes it natural to consider buying a new one at some moment.

The owners of some older types of weed eaters know how sometimes it can be a real struggle to work with this tool, mainly because of the string that quickly wastes. It is much easier to operate with modern trimmers, while the price is similar to many older models and hasn`t changed in years.

The design of modern-day weed eaters is the same as many of the older versions, but there are a lot of technical upgrades, such as lighter weight, better and stronger engine, and improved durability. Here are some of the most important factors that potential buyers must consider when they decide to buy a new weed eater.

Most Important Features of a Weed Eater

The first thing that potential buyers should check about the weed eater is its weight and comfortability. This feature is individual, and it depends on a person who is going to carry it, and the best choice would be a trimmer with a proper weight. Additionally, most of the weed eaters have shoulder straps, which makes it easier to carry them around.

Another factor which we should pay particular attention to is safety. A weed eater should have a guard block as a safety measure. However, it is necessary to wear safety glasses, pants, and shoes, to prevent the weed in your eyes, or some injury from rocks that you might accidentally hit. That is why many of the modern weed eaters have a trigger lock function, which will turn on at the moment when you hit some heavier object than grass.

The types of weed eater can vary by the engine that can run on gas, or it can be an electric one. Usually, the electric weed eaters work more smoothly than the ones that use gas, but it is not so practical to carry the cable all around while cutting the grass. Also, some types of gas weed eaters can be as quiet as ones that use electricity.

However, the most important feature of every trimmer is its ability to get in the end with all kinds of grass. If your garden requires a tougher weed eater, then you should choose one with a thinner line. Also, it is necessary to replace the string on time, because in the other case, there might be some situations where the engine can go to malfunction.

There are also some other important features of a weed eater, such as balance, durability, vibrations, and convenience. When it comes to a good balance of trimmer, a good one should have a handle that will help you to hold it on the right distance from the ground. The durability depends on the quality of the weed eater. There are many high-quality ones on the market today that will satisfy your needs for years. Also, you can find the best 4 cycle weed eater at

The intense vibrations can be a real struggle, and it is most common for a gas weed eaters. Before buying a weed eater, you should check if it has a too powerful sound and vibrations. Usually, electric trimmers are much quieter, but if it is a problem for you to pull the cable around your backyard, then you should buy the one that runs on gas.

Why Do You Need a Weed Eater?

Most of the weed eaters can cut various types of grass, and some of them can cut through some areas with denser weeds, while some types can cut only some lighter areas of grass. Our recommendation is to check your needs before buying a weed eater. If you need a more powerful one, you should check on gas trimmers, which are known for having greater power than electric ones.

The size of your yard is also very important because you don`t need some big and heavy trimmer if you have only a small garden. However, in case that the area for trimming is bigger, you should buy some tougher one, and also with a bigger reservoir or extra batteries if it works on electricity, so you can expand the working hours with them.

Trimmer types may also vary by the model of the shaft, which can be straight or curved. The curved shaft is better when you are cutting lighter grass because it is more precise. The straight shaft is for areas that are more difficult to reach, so it can also deal with smaller rocks or other obstacles that would break the string on some lighter versions of trimmers.

When it comes to the engine of the weed eater, our recommendation is to choose between gas and electricity according to your needs. So, if you need a trimmer only for your garden, then you can`t be wrong if you choose weaker, but also quieter and lighter electric weed eater. On the other side, you will need a gas trimmer for some greater area or for some places that are harder to reach.

However, with the technology improvements, there are many electric trimmers on the market that have the same power as gas trimmers. Also, many of the gas trimmers today have noise cancelation, which makes them less annoying when you work with them. And everyone knows how loud sometimes a weed eater can be, especially the one that uses fuel for operating.