The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 21 Recap


‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 21 aired last night and it was titled ‘Seismic Matters.’ In case you missed the episode, we’ve got your back! Here is a quick recap of everything that happened in the penultimate episode of the sixth season.

The team has only two weeks to go before they leave the island for the winter, but there is no activity whatsoever at the Money Pit area. However, the excavation in Smith’s Cove continues. In the War Room, Rick and Craig are meeting with Marty via a video conference in order to make some important decisions. So, they agree that they have to make sure they have searched the swamp properly and finish Smith’s Cove.


Back at Smith’s Cove, the rest of the team continues the excavation and they discover another possible shaft. Hence, it is very likely that the Laginas and their team have to make a breakthrough discovery.

So, Rick Lagina and Craig Tester alongside other members of the team meet Chris Donah, a researcher, and Oak Island, theorist. Chris was the one who contacted Rick regarding the mysterious triangle shape swamp. The newest research considering the upcoming seismic test could prove very valuable for their excavation. He shares his belief that constellation Virgo is a map revealing the Oak Island treasure. He connects the meaning to Freemasons and FDR.

The team heads to the swamp for some seismic testing. Hence, they drain the swamp and lay out a sheet of plywood. Then, they place 2025 charges and they detonate few of them. Gary performs some metal detecting of the swamp spoils and discovers a button, which they believe is over 300 years old and a possible coin.

The rest of the team is at Smith’s Cove together with Terry Matheson, a geologist, and Liard Niven, an archeologist. While excavating beneath the beach there, Alex Lagina and the rest of the team have just made what could be an important discovery. They believe they are very close to the convergence point.

As the day comes to an end, the team gathers for an important meeting in the War Room. They receive great news about the slipway. Rick and Marty Lagina and their team reveal that some of the mysterious wooden structures at Smith’s Cover were built decades before the original discovery of the Money Pit. The news offers an extraordinary breakthrough and it means that all of the money and work invested was not done in vain.

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