TCL 10 Pro Review: Tech Giant Launches first Turkey Smartphones

The world of smartphones is always on the change, and you are subject to come across some of the best ones in town. It is really important to learn more about the phones and then head for the main one here. There are various important phones available, and TCL is all set with its new items over here. For that, you are cordially invited to catch up with the best team from the TCL section. The TCL 10 Pro is one phone, which is the first of its kind. It is one of the major Turkey Smartphones that you are likely to come over here for sure.

Eye-catching hardware:

Let just say that TCL 10 Pro is known for its eye-catching hardware. It comprises a slick design and comes handy with a well-integrated quad-lens camera. However, this phone is known to have its snag as well, which you need to be associated with. It is one oddly calibrated AMOLED displayed phone, where the camera provides inconsistent results.

It is not that of a bad phone, to be honest, but there are some features that you can get in some other models within the same price range. But, if you are looking for the best Turkey smartphone to get hands-on, then TCL 10 Pro is always the prime choice for you to consider. The benefits are more than enough to make you happy and satisfied with the purchase you made.

One best flagship phone:

It is not that difficult to state that this TCL 10 Pro feels and looks amazing. Even though it has some rough edges, but you can easily wave those away if you start focusing on what this phone has to offer.

  • The curvy AMOLED display comes with a quad lens camera. It is also known for its dapper design, which is more than enough to create that perfect first impression.
  • Some of the little touches like Google Assistant button, flush camera module, 3.5mm headphone jack are some of the impressive features for you to watch out whenever you are dealing with the best flagship phone like this one.

Some flaws to watch for:

Just like its positive side, it has some flaws to it, much like any other smartphone available in the market. The AMOLED display of this phone will exhibit one sickly green colored tinge, and it is not that bright as you want your smartphones to be. Just under that screen, you will find that sluggish and unreliable in-display fingerprint sensor. For some people, it is no doubt a bit of frustration, to say the least.

For some people, the svelte design of the phone might not be the right choice for you to consider. It is known for its pronounced ridge on the bottom rear edge, which others might find not that easy to work with. Apart from these simple points, it is really hard to find any fault with this smartphone. When compared to some of the other models, this one is known for its amazing software, great performance, and amazing battery life. On the other hand, this phone has fewer faults when compared to other branded items, which are even higher in rate than this one.

The customized UI at your service:

This phone is supposed to have the custom UI from TCL, which is the most promising example of Android tinkering. Moreover, you will come across various stock OS from Google from this one phone. But, there are high chances that you might get a smattering of bloats ware, while some of the bespoke features like edge interface and more seem to be born from the early era of the curved displays.

  • You are likely to enjoy the best performance of this phone. It has amazing processing power, which is hard to find at such an affordable rate.
  • The battery performance of TCL Pro 10 is a masterpiece. You can easily use this phone on a daily basis without any charging issue. There is no room for wireless charging, but that is common with most of the smartphones these days.

A balanced feel in hand:

The best part is that you are going to enjoy a balanced feel in the hand when you have this phone to consider. It has all the necessary dimensions, which will match some of the major other top-class brands like Realme X2 Pro and OnePLus 8.

  • This phone weighs at around 177g and will have a pleasing heft to it. The best part is that this phone is not too heavy, just like you have asked for it.
  • This company has worked pretty hard to give this phone the basic feel and look of the flagship. It has the entire metal and glass sandwich body, which you can find in some of the best and big brands out there.
  • You will find some differences in the build of the phone for sure, but that is nothing to be worrying about. Just like other top brands, TCL has worked hard to create a masterpiece of smartphones like this one.
  • Even the design of the camera module of this phone is one major improvement. However, the opinion is subject to vary on the current attractiveness of horizontal strip design, which remains completely flushed with the phone standing out.
  • Then you have the implementation of a waterfall styled curve, which is perfect and most interesting among major customers. It will feel like the screen is melting right off the right and left edges, which is one cool feature to look at.
  • Some might like the practice of such a display, and others do not. But, it is arguably one of the most amazing looking smartphones from this company, which can outsmart most of the other phones in no time.

With this phone’s launch in the Turkey market, this company can always believe in growing its production business to yet another level. If you are looking for some best help with the phone selection, log online, and get some help now!

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