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SEO Process on Marketing it Offline


Offline Search Engine Optimization means the actions which can be taken to boost the ranking of your website. These actions do not directly relate to your business website. Offline SEO does not have to take place on the internet at all. However, it can be used to drive traffic to your website by implementing different techniques.

For example, you can organize an event at your business location. You can urge people to book the tickets for this event from your website. Writing a blog as a guest writer on a popular industry blog and linking it back to your website, is another example of offline SEO.  You can understand how other users think of your website using these techniques. You can even check out the whole marketing process followed by your competitor to get more clear insights.

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Benefits of offline SEO
Offline SEO techniques have many benefits for your business. Some of them are mentioned below:

Increase in website rankings
You can increase the number of people visiting your website by writing a guest blog on an industry blog. Your blog should contain a link to your business website. This simple trick can drastically increase the traffic to your website. The popularity of your site will increase and it will have higher rankings in the search engine results.

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Thus, you will be to increase the page rank of your website too. Page rank defines how Google itself view your website, relevant or not relevant. It lies between 0 and 10, indicating the importance of your website according to Google. If you have a higher page rank, your website will be shown among the top relevant search results to searchers.

More exposure
If your website achieves higher rankings in search engine results, you will get more exposure. It means more people will visit your website and will use the links in their blog. They will mention and recommend your website on social media. When your website gets more traffic, your website will automatically rank higher.  It’s like a circle where one thing leads to another and then to another etc.

Processes of offline SEO
There are many processes by which you can boost the rankings of your website. These are

1). Build a link
Link building is considered to be the most popular and effective off-Page SEO method. You should provide a link to your website on your guest blog. If someone like your article and they can visit your website. Your website will rank higher if more people visit your website. You can drive traffic to your website by a number of ways.

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You can comment on different forums to drive traffic using your link. You can also comment on other websites or blogs for the same reason. You can publish your article in an article directory to get a link back to your website. Similarly, you can publish your articles on websites like Hubpages to drive more traffic to your website.

2). Boost your content
It’s a well-known fact, that a good content can easily help you to gain organic traffic to your website.  You need to boost your content to reach out to a huge number of audience. Your content should include keywords that can bring more traffic. This means finding pages on which you can drive internal links through to your website with a keyword-centric anchor text.

Before coming up with a content idea, you should search for questions which relate to your niche. This will help you to create content which resonates with buyer personalities. You can also social bookmarking sites to boost your content among online viewers. Social bookmarking may not be popular but is an effective technique nonetheless.

3). Use social media
Social media is an integral part of offline SEO and it is another form of link building. When people mention your website on social media it can increase its popularity. Using social media will encourage people to search for your website and visit it. A good social media profile can also help you to increase your page rankings.

Final words
You can not ignore the importance of offline SEO to increase the online reputation of your website. The most common method associated with offline SEO is link building, using social media and social bookmarking sites. You need to focus on these methods to increase the traffic to your website and increase its rankings.

Contributed by Hari Babu from TechAriz