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Rock A Beard That Complements Your Style

Beard. It has quite a wild history behind it. At first, beards were seen as a trait of masculinity and most of the man went ahead to grow one – it was thought that the bigger your beard is the stronger you are. And who wouldn’t like to be strong right? Still, as time passed and European countries became more developed and sophisticated, a beard was seen as a symbol of rural men while a clean shaved face became more attractive. And in the 18th century, a beard in countries like Russia and France was non-existent among the nobleman. At this point, no one would have thought that beards will get back in trend once again – but here we are, around 300 years later, with men praying to grow a full beard that will complement their style.

The lumberjack style became a big hit a few years ago, and know we can see millions of men trying to dress and look according to that trend. Still, not all men have the same genetics for growing a good beard, or it suits everyone’s face. And that is why, if you want to get the most out of your beard look, you will have to choose a style according to your facial contours and potential to grow a full one. On top of that, you definitely need to take a proper care of your beard and only the best beard growth products should be used.

How Shape Of Your Face Affects Beard Style

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We would all want to rock a perfect beard right? Well in order to reap all the benefits of such a trend you should look up for a type that will complement your face shape.

1. Rectangular face. If you have a rectangular face shape there are a few beard styles that might complement it but we recommend that you go for a short beard that you would be able to grow in a matter of 1-2 weeks.

2. Round face. Now, with a round face, your goal is to achieve a narrow look, and that is why a short beard like the one mentioned above wouldn’t go well. On the other hand, your best bet is either rocking a full beard (if you can grow one) or going for a goatee (in fact, a round face is the only type where a goatee can look quite good).

3. Square face. If you have a square face shape we recommend that you let your beard grow wherever it wants and once it achieves a certain length clip it close to the face.

4. Long narrow face. Last but not least is the long narrow face shape, and this one calls for somewhat better styling. The thing is, you don’t want to narrow your face even more and that is why careful and regular trimming around the chin with high-quality beard accessories is a must!

The Most Popular Beard Types

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By now, you should have an idea what kind of a beard might complement your face shape. Still, there are hundreds of beard types, and you don’t have to stick only to one in order to achieve that perfect look. Let’s go ahead and take a look at the most popular facial hair styles!

1. Now, one of the most popular beard styles is a stubble – and although some people don’t consider it a beard, it still is a facial hair so no one can deny it. It will take you no more than a few days to grow, and in case you want to rock a sporty beard, that goes well with almost any style, a stubble might be the right choice.

2. On the other hand, if you think stubble is close to a no beard, but you still don’t want to or aren’t able to grow a full beard, a short beard is your best bet. It will take a few weeks to achieve its full potential, and since there it is up to you to regularly maintain and style it. Such a beard will add to your masculinity without covering your face with facial hair.

3. For some men, only full can be considered as a perfect beard, and everything else is an alteration. Still, some men aren’t able to grow one and that is absolutely fine – genetics are something that we can’t have an influence on. But if you are a serious man and you have a beard growth potential, it will perfectly complement your style. Yes, it requires regular maintenance, but nothing more than a light trimming every 4-5 days and regular hygiene.

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4. One of the most sophisticated beard styles out there a Garibaldi one is hard to grow but if you are capable to you should absolutely go for it. It will give you a unique look that not all men are able to achieve, and people will think of you as a big star from Vikings!


While a beard can complement you it still is not something that you should take for granted. Do some research, figure out your facial contours, use beard oil and go for a style that will perfectly reflect who you are!

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