The Best Razors for Men That Provide the Best Shave

A clean shave requires patience, technique, experience, and most importantly, the right tool.

Just like an artist uses the best brushes, a construction worker uses the best tools, you should use the best razor to give you the perfect, clean, smooth shave.

Before we give you our list of best razors, you should understand the types of razors that are out there available to buy.

Safety Razors

This type of razor is commonly used by men. The razor is locked in a safe angle in order to prevent any cuts and nicks. Safety razors are very easy to use and are great for beginners. Be careful as they can be really sharp.

Cartridge Razors

Another common type of razor that men use, cartridge razors vary in quality. The best ones give you the best clean shaven, while others will not do a good job for you. The downside of cartridge razors is that they can be very expensive if buying from a store.

Straight Razors

Straight razors are vintage shaving tools that are not that popular amongst men. This is due to the fact that they are extremely sharp and very tricky to handle. Barbers use straight razors and it takes a lot of experience to master this shaving tool.

Disposable Razors

The most commonly used razor, the blade of the razor itself is thrown away when it gets dull from shaving. Usually, when buying these blades you will get a bunch of them and they are fairly cheap but don’t expect much from them.

Now that we’ve covered all the type of razors, it’s time to give you our best razors for a clean and smooth shave.

1. Maximum Expose Razor

The Maximum Expose Razor is a new style, straight razor that looks exceptional. The razors blade can be extended and it has all the marks of a safety razor. The razor is a triple rivet, plastic and very light making it easy to handle. The blades for this razor can be easily attached and the Motive Maximum Exposure is the best razor that will help you achieve the perfect cuts and lines for both your beard and hair.

2. Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor

This razor is made by men for men. Manufactured in Germany, the Futur is a razor like no other. It’s very versatile, allowing you to do any shaving job in no time, whether that’s your beard or parts of your hair. It’s a double-edge (safety) razor that will give you the best shaving experience due to the six adjustable settings.

3. Gillette Mach3 Turbo Men’s Razor

Gillette is a giant in the razor industry and with a razor such as the Turbo Men’s, it’s clear to see why.  The Turbo Men’s is one of the best disposable razors on the market, and this blade is the product of Gillette’s hard work and drives for perfection in razors.  The razor offers you a clean shave with no irritation and has three blades positioned to cut hair closer. The blade is sharper than most disposables and it will give you the perfect shave.

4. Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Another straight razor on our list, the Feather SS is an incomparable grooming tool that your grandfather used. Don’t get fooled by that, because this razor will give you the nicest, cleanest, smoothest shave. Namely, this razor is the top-of-the-line in its category. The body of the razor will last for a long time because it’s heat-resistant and chemical-resistant. The blade is easy to replace and it delivers a smooth and soft shaving experience every time you use it.

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