Reserve your Perfect Summer Trip with Enterprise

Summer is the perfect time for vacations. Many people prefer to stay in a single spot most of their vacation. They just find a gold-sand beach to sunbathe and occasionally swim about the sea. But for many others getting into a car and just driving somewhere far away is the representation of perfect summer vacation. Find Enterprise car rent coupon codes here to rent a car on a special. The car will take you to the beauties of engineering and architecture, as well as to the picturesque riches of Mother Nature. Enterprise offers a wide range of cars for rent. You can find the vehicle of various sizes and classes, from compact city hatchbacks to cross-country SUVs and pick-up trucks.

There is one reason why renting a car turns out to be a better idea than traveling in your own vehicle. You may live in the south. But a tantalizing desire to savor the breathtaking sceneries of Alaska doesn’t let you go. It is better to take a flight and pick up a ready-to-drive car at the airport. Another reason could be the fact that you don’t have a pickup or a heavy-duty SUV. But rental companies such as Enterprise do have such vehicles. We will get into details concerning why a truck is better than a sуdan for a perfect summer trip a bit later. You just take our word for it now.

You may look for a streamlined Tesla Model X to hit the road in a kick-the-gas-out way. But you had better replace your nonchalant attitude to the matter of drawing far from the civilization. An electric vehicle feels confident in big cities and towns. But once you dip the tires into the middle of nowhere, you may feel a draft there. And it isn’t about Tesla’s off-road capabilities. This car is good enough to cruise average rough terrains. It is about having to leave a dead-battery cross-over behind, amble tens of miles back in search of an asphalt road and ask a passer-by to give you a lift to the nearest sign of civilization. What kind of conclusion can we make of this situation? Nothing beats a good old gasoline SUV when it comes to a perfect summer trip.

An electric car will pave the way for a summer trip. But it won’t be perfect unless you find cruising on foot for miles to get your electric vehicle a wrecker an excellent kind of entertainment. It is necessary to reiterate one simple truth again. Nothing beats a gasoline-powered SUV if you want to travel far and without glancing your eye at the remainder of the battery charge at all times. You may drive your beloved electric car in your everyday life and always keep it charged. It doesn’t bother you since you have worked out an efficient regiment. You intuitively know how much you drive and when and where you have to recharge the battery. But a long-haul trip will make you leave your comfort zone. You never know how far you will drive today and where you will fetch up.

A gasoline car will take you everywhere risk-free. You may crawl up into mountains and camp there for days. You may pick a new location to camp every day for a week-long or throughout the entire adventure. Your internal combustion engine car and a few canisters of gasoline in the trunk will do the trick. Preferring a gas-powered car for a perfect summer trip is a good piece of advice to follow. But it isn’t the only one. There is a handful of tips you ought to scoop up to make sure your summer trip yields lavishly. Find the tips below.

1. Gasoline SUV beats them all

Your itinerary may not reach the urban settings. You may not plan to pull off the highway and hit a dirt road. But are you totally sure about that? What if you come about the picturesque view of the Florida Keys? You may like to find a good vantage point to take a photo or just camp for a night. Conjure up the image of yourself sitting in a sun lounger (only a full-size SUV offers enough room for it!) and gaping at the crystal-clear sky-blue water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Enterprise offers a variety of SUVs and trucks. You can get compact Nissan Kicks, Ford Edge, or Audi Q3 for mild rough terrains. If you want to cruse rough places in a chic way, the luxury full-size Infiniti QX80, the legendary Chevy Suburban, or the let’s-go-everywhere Jeep Wrangler Unlimited will do the job.

2. One-way and round-trip travel

You may want to land in Texas and travel by car through the entire country to the north. It would be a thousand pities to realize upon arrival in, for example, Washington, D.C. that your rental company doesn’t have a drop location there. It is better to check all the drop locations a rental company has before planning the itinerary.

Enterprise offers 4,400+ locations across the United States. With so many drop and pick-up places, you will surely find at least one that draws close to the final destination of your trip.

3. Unlimited mileage restrictions

Let’s add another thousand pities to a car rental agreement that may turn out to offer limited mileage. If you somehow let this aspect pass by unnoticed, you will have to pay extra charges at a car drop location. It is better to steer clear of any mileage restrictions.

As you may have guessed, Enterprise car rental imposes no limits for the prevailing majority of car sizes and classes. All SUVs and trucks have no mileage limits for sure! What’s the point of getting a car that is by de default designed to haul your butt for thousands of miles in superior comfort if the distance you can cover is limited? There is absolutely no point in doing that.

4. Child safety car seats

It could prove to be another grain of disappointment. When renting a car, you may realize that you also have to haul a child seat all the way to the pick-up point. It means an extra luggage fee to pay at an airport for the child’s car seat. It is best to rent a car seat directly from a car rental company. The image of finding your rent SUV equipped with a child seat (or few child seats) is what you surely like to conjure up over and over again. At Enterprise, you can specify the number of child safety seats when you reserve a car online.

5. Insurance, roadside assistance, and other types of protection

You shouldn’t even leave your house without health insurance. You shouldn’t even move about the house without a guarantee of compensation provided by a reputable insurance company. It doesn’t matter how many double checks a car undergoes before getting ready to serve you obediently throughout the trip. It is a piece of machinery. And it is prone to breakdowns.

Enterprise offers all the spectrum of protection so that you can feel confident on the road. Apart from insurance and roadside assistance, Enterprise waves your responsibility for damage to, loss, or theft of the rented car. Check Enterprise’s Damage Waiver by car type and location.

6. Is it just you or somebody else behind the wheel?

Having an opportunity to switch drivers is an excellent idea. Supposing you want to cover at least haft of the U.S. Route 66 in just one salvo. Unless you are the T-800 machine, you won’t be able to cover such a long stretch all by yourself. You need an additional driver.

Enterprise’s car rental agreement allows you to add additional drivers. You can keep your truck rolling almost nonstop. Who knows, maybe this is the whole point of your adventure.

7. Drive in a perfect bog of uncertainty

The car got bogged down and wouldn’t move. Just because you drive a full-size SUV with excellent off-road capabilities doesn’t mean you can muscle through any terrain. Even a tank gets bogged down.

But getting stuck isn’t a problem as long as you rent a car at Enterprise and are lucky to catch a cell signal at the God-forsaken wet muddy middle-of-nowhere you’ve somehow managed to fetch up. A cell signal is all you need. Cash won’t be necessary. Enterprise’s TollPass program will do the rest. Your credit or debit card will be charged automatically for any toll fees.

8. Could there be a better chance to test drive a new car?

Supposing you want to trade up your van for a pick-up truck or full-size Chevy, would you look for a local automobile dealership to test drive a few miles? You may do that. But it isn’t a real test drive.

A real test drive is what you can have by renting a car. You can ride thousands of miles along various terrains, from a perfect even highway to gravel, sand, and mud terrains. You can even see how it wades across a stream! Rent a car you’ve been aiming at for a while and give it a nice, juicy test drive.

A good rental car is what powers your perfect summer trip

After reading all these tips, you will no longer wonder why people prefer to rent a car at Enterprise rather than use their own one to make a land journey. You can ride a car you dream of and consider whether it is worth working extra hours to buy it in the future. You can back up your trip with comprehensive protection, including insurance, roadside assistance, and damage waivers. The right car rental company will let your family or friends take a seat behind the steering wheel. A child safety seat will be right where you want it to be when you find a rented car at a pick-up location.

Whatever mud you find, just make sure you are within a cell signal range. You will be towed away, no cash is needed. And then you can get back on track and drive as far as you want thanks to the unlimited mileage feature. You can cruise highways, auxiliary roads, countryside, and wild middle-of-nowhere areas nonchalantly if it is a gasoline full-size SUV with a few 5-gallon gasoline canisters standing by in the trunk.

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