Can you Represent yourself as a Real Estate Agent?

It is a well known fact that the realtors are entitled to a commission when they act as a bridge between the buyer and seller of a property. Therefore, some people when they want to buy or sell a property consider taking the do-it-yourself approach. It means that instead of hiring an agent, they choose to conduct the entire process themselves. The transactions are popularly known as “For sale by Owner”.

This process helps people save the money that they would have to otherwise pay to the real estate agents, and also gives better control to the property owners. People are often of the misconception that they can do what a realtor does, and it would help them save money. On the contrary, hiring an agent enables you to get the value that exceeds their payment.


You can act as a real estate agent, and eliminate middlemen, however, the process of selling a property involves various steps where you will feel the need of a professional. If you are looking for some expert realtors who charge less for professional services, click here.

Price Determination:

One of the major mistakes that property owners make is setting the incorrect price for their listing. They either overprice or underprice their home. Overpricing will not get them anywhere, as no one would be interested in paying more money for a property that is not worth so much. Underpricing will leave them at a disadvantage. They will have to take less money than what they should get.

That said, to accurately determine the value of your property, you are required to hire a real estate agent. With their expertise, they will let you know the correct price of your property.

Ability to Negotiate:

There are several instances when the potential buyer might just walk off from the deal and change their mind. In such a scenario, you will have to start the process of selling your property all over again. Real estate agents can help their clients get away from such worries as they are well aware of the tactics to deal with customers. They use their expertise and knowledge to enable their clients to make the most of their property.

Following the Contract and Staying Under It:

It might happen that a property deal may fall apart. It usually happens when the process is in the inspection phase. This phase takes place at the start of a transaction. After it happens, do you know what’s next? Are you aware of what is required, if your contract falls because of a materialistic defect? That said, hiring a realtor provides another benefit. They will tell you how to save a contract from falling apart, and even if it does, how can you proceed from there.

Selling Or Buying A Home As A Real Estate Agent


People think that they should opt for the do-it-yourself approach and they will also save some cash by doing so. Do not forget, that though the relator is entitled to a commission, they get a fixed percentage of commission, irrespective of the price of the property they are dealing in. That said, the amount paid to them is set even before the price of the listing is decided.

Even when you represent yourself as a realtor, the commission doesn’t change. However, in such a scenario, the broker receives a hefty commission whereas the buyer doesn’t receive a discount.

It means that the listing broker will be entitled to play on both sides. You will still have to pay the full price, even if you don’t have someone involved in the middle. Sellers usually rely on brokers to get the deal done since they believe that professionals can help them get the best price. You may not feel the need to have one, but it’s advised that you should hire one.

Potential Risks of Representing Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

Several homeowners achieve success in representing themselves as the real estate agent. However, you should know that only people who attain success in this process are the ones with prior sales or real estate experience, though it is not always the case. For instance, if a real estate agent is versed and an expert in dealing with commercial properties, he may find it difficult to deal in houses.

If the seller of the property is not honest and doesn’t open up with the issues that their property has, you will end up paying more money than what you should. However, with an agent involved in between, the seller will allow you to perform your due diligence, and will also help you crack the best possible deal.

Why Hire A Real Estate Agent?

Buying a property is an achievement in itself, and you have an entirely new level of excitement. However, thinking about it from the point of view of a property seller, the entire process is very hectic and takes a lot more than one can imagine.

Let us know how professionals help alleviate such issues

  • Community Knowledge: People often think that they are well-aware of a particular area and they can do the negotiation of a property themselves. This is not true. Whereas the agents are well aware of the property market and know the industry inside out. They can negotiate on the price skillfully.
  • Beat the Competition: Homes often sell out rapidly, especially if they are in great locations and during the positive times of the economy. If you are looking forward to buying a property in the hot market, realtors will introduce you to some properties that are not even listed.
  • Proper Dealings: With real estate agents, you enjoy the peace of mind that the deal will be closed, without any no frauds involved. They ensure that all due diligence is completed and that nothing inappropriate will happen.


There are several reasons, as to why a homeowner may choose to sell their home without having a real estate agent involved. However, this is not a smart move. Hiring an agent is one of the most responsible tasks one can do when buying or selling properties.

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