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Pros and Cons of Drinking Your Meal

The world has become very fast paced. People are always competing with time to reach targets. However, in the process, they often tend to ignore their health. If you stop a while and take a look at your hectic lifestyle, you will notice that you seldom give yourself much time. You seldom have the right meals and do not give your body the rest it needs. The experts at Meal Replacement Pro say the result can be dangerous for your overall health. You may opt for meal replacement drinks that can compensate for the nutrient deficiency in your body. However, is drinking your food better than eating it? This is a major question that needs proper answers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Your Food

Just like any other thing, drinking your food can be both advantageous and disadvantageous for your body. These have been discussed below for your benefit.

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  • It Is Highly Convenient: If you are always on the move and seldom get enough time to sit down and have a proper meal, drinking your food becomes highly convenient. This is true if you have something that is nutritious for your body. A proper health drink is always better than any drive-thru fast food. However, when you choose a drinkable meal always opt for one that has protein, fiber, low sugar, and healthy fat. Although you may not find any meal replacement shake that will have all the 4 criteria fulfilled, there are certainly drinkable options that can partially fulfill the requirement. These include a protein shake that does not have added sugar, a smoothie made out of vegetables, and coffee with healthy fat cream.
  • All the Essential Nutrients in a Single Meal: In order to lead a healthy life, it is important you have all the essential nutrients included in your daily meal. This is easily said than done. However, when you have a drinkable meal, you can easily pack in all the nutrients in the shake. It is very good to include 6 to 8 different types of vegetables in your daily diet. However, that will involve plenty of chewing. Having your meal in a drinkable form will help you get all the vital nutrients in one go.
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  • Easy to Drink More Than Needed: When you buy a bottle of juice, you will find apples, mangoes, bananas, and many more fruits included in the juice. However, if you decide to eat all those fruits, you will feel full easily. This is not possible if you have the juice. Chewing the fruits will also include fiber in your diet, which makes you feel full. However, if you have the same in the form of a liquid, you will tend to have more of it. This will also involve you having more sugar than needed.
  • Tough to Digest: When you chew your food, your body prepares itself in several ways to digest what you eat. Your sight, smell, and taste work together to prepare your body for the incoming food. However, when you drink your meal, your body fails to prepare itself properly. This may result in indigestion.

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