How Plasma from Recovering Patients’ Blood can Help Treat Covid-19 Until a Vaccine is Discovered?


We can see that there are more than a hundred thousand newly deceased people from COVID-19 every day and full hospitals. There is still no vaccine or any other medicine which would completely recover every patient. However, doctors are now hoping that there is a new way to help people infected with coronavirus, buy injecting them the blood from people who recovered from coronavirus since their blood is rich with antibodies that could fight the virus.

There is also another report that proves how five critically ill patients from Shenzhen that were on the ventilators, felt better a few days after day received this treatment. In the end, three of them went home, while the other two stayed in the hospital, but in a stable condition.

On the other side, this way of treatment is nothing new, and there were a lot of cases in the 19th century, where doctors successfully treated patients from diphtheria. Also, doctors are still using this method even today, like in the case with the H1N1 virus, where plasma injection was proven as a successful way of treatment.

There were a lot of studies about this topic, like the one from 2003, where there were more than 1,700 people with severe respiratory syndrome and the percent of casualties was much less for people who took the plasma as their therapy.

Moreover, the main problem with these studies is that they were only tested on small groups of people, and doctors are not sure what the results be when they use this therapy on a few thousand people or more. They are trying this way of treatment along with many others and giving their maximum to stop the pandemic as fast as they can.

With the current progress of making an effective vaccine with the right antibodies is more than a year away, which makes doctors and scientists try everything available to them now. Also, there is some antiviral medication that has positive effects, but it is much expensive and harder to get than plasma. These reasons also led the United States and its administration for food and medicals to approve their doctors to use the plasma from recovered patients as a treatment.