O.J. Simpson Buys 60 Toilet Rolls Due to Coronavirus Fear


A 72-year-old former felon recently posted on Twitter a picture of himself standing outside a store after panic buying a bunch of toilet paper and water as a result of a rapid Coronavirus spread.

O.J. is wearing a white mask to prevent himself from being infected and seems extremely scared of the mentioned virus. He captioned his photo: “Coronavirus? Who’s afraid?”

People on twitter were cruel with their responses:

“Don’t forget your gloves O.J.!” one person commented. Another asked O.J. to get rid of the virus, and the third warned that people should be more afraid of Simpson than the virus.

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O. J. anxiously buys 60 toilet rolls, 12 kitchen rolls, paper party cups, and at least three cases of water bottles.

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Due to panic, several stores have reduced the number of essential products one person can buy.

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