Tell-Tale Signs That You Need Reading Glasses Right Away

Reading glasses are usually non-prescription glasses that people wear to magnify the text on the page. One usually needs reading glasses after reaching the age of 40; this, unfortunately, cannot be cured as it is considered a natural process of aging. However, you do not need reading glasses just after reaching the age of 40; you could need them earlier or way after. This completely depends on your vision.

However, there are some tell-tale signs that help you determine whether you need reading glasses for women right away or not. While one basic symptom that you need them for would be blurry vision. Visit Lensmart Online, here are a few more signs you should be well aware of.

You Often Doze Even When In Front Of Your Computer

Yes, this might sound irrelevant, but it is not. When you try focusing on texts that you cannot see accurately, your eye muscles work really hard to make everything visible to you. If your vision is poor and you consistently work on your computer, your eye muscles are working continuously to assist you in seeing things properly.

This is not a natural activity for the eyes, making them tired easily, which ends up in you feeling sleepy. This is a sign that you must get reading glasses, but if they are not of much help, try to move away from the computer a bit or close your eyes, give it some rest, or you could blink your eyes several times.

You Require Brighter Light While Reading

Have you been facing trouble with your vision while reading, even if your reading light is on? This could be a sign that you require reading glasses. If you find your reading light is not bright enough and end up switching on even more lights, regardless of the lighting type, get yourself a pair right away.

This is a normal condition as you age, and it is nothing to panic about. Studies have shown that 60 years old require almost three times more lighting than a 20- or 30-year-old while reading or writing.

Your Arms Work A Lot While Reading

Your way of holding your magazine or book while reading is a sure shot sign to determine whether you need reading glasses or not. Being near-sighted, which is when you cannot see far away but close up, then your book would be 30cm or even less towards your body or face.

However, if you are far-sighted in which near objects are blurry, and far away objects are clear, you would usually hold your book or reading material at arm’s distance. If the book you are holding, say 35cm from your face, becomes blurry, get yourself a pair of glasses.

You End Up Getting Headaches Most Of The Time

When your vision is blurry, as mentioned, your eye muscles will work harder to help you see clearly. If you work continuously with no or very few breaks, you could end up getting headaches almost every day. If you observe a headache happening right behind the eyes, it could be due to being far-sighted or astigmatism.

Both indicate that you must get a pair of reading glasses and also take frequent breaks while working continuously. Follow the 20-20 vision rule, which recommends individuals to take a break every 20 minutes and look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

You Have Crossed The 40 Threshold

Once you have reached your 40s, a lot will change in your life, including your vision. If you have been experiencing one or more of the symptoms mentioned below, a reading glass would be the perfect solution. When you reach your 40s, adults suffer from presbyopia, which is the gradual vision loss of being able to focus on near objects.

If you have seen halos, this is another sign to get your hands on a pair of reading glasses. You might observe bright circles surrounding lights; this happens due to the light not being able to focus properly on your retina. But not just vision; seeing halos could also mean you could have cataracts. In that case, consulting a doctor would be in your best interest.

Trendiest Eyewear Shape Ideas

Many people wear eyewear on prescription. However, even if you do not need prescription glasses, it does not mean that you can not wear glasses anyway. Simple glasses can add an element of trendiness to the most casual outfits you may put together. The accessory is effortless and seems natural and elevates the outfit you are wearing in no time.

However, it is important to understand which eyewear shape you should pick that may suit you best. This depends on a multitude of factors that you have to consider. These factors are discussed in more detail below.

The classic cat-eye glasses

The cat-eye look is a classic eyewear shape, especially for women. It is fun and flirtatious and also looks great on those with oval or round faces. Pick cat eye glasses frames at your local store or even online for a trendy look without much effort. Make sure to pair these glasses with the confidence boost they come with and watch your style quotient go up bounds.

Chunky and modern aviator glasses

Aviator glasses are generally bigger and chunkier than most frames. This particular style of eyewear shape is more geometric and structured and thus compliments round faces quite well. For a bold yet modern look, you should pick some chunky aviator glasses in neutral tones.

Vintage round glasses

If you are looking for something more unassuming and simple, you can pick simple vintage round glasses. These glasses are a simple yet effective addition to your fashion statement. The most suitable face shape for round glasses is rectangular or diamond-shaped faces.


To conclude, it must be noted that even though eyewear is a great accessorizing tool to help elevate any look, what matters at the end of the day the most is how you feel in them. Explore and find the eyewear that makes you feel like your most fabulous self today from any local online eyewear store.