Royal Exit Is Expected To Upgrade Meghan Markle’s Fashion Statements

People have tendency to discriminate others, and that can be hard to bear for anyone, especially if that discrimination comes in hand with being in public eye because of a high political or royal position. Throughout the history, a role of gender played a big part when it comes to placing the judgment. While men are able to wear a suit and tie without worrying about the way their outfits will be perceived, women don’t have that kind of comfort. From the former British Prime Minister, Theresa May, to Hollywood actress turned royal, Meghan Markle, woman’s fashion choices can be seen as a statement, whether she planned on it or not. Female part of the royal family needs to follow added strict rules when it comes to royal fashion. Many wonder, now that Markle is no longer in obligation to follow those rules, how will that effect her fashion style in the years to come.

Meghan Markle’s Fashion Style From The Time Before She Became A Part Of Royal Family

Before she met her husband, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was part of Hollywood. Her life combined two, at the first sight, uncombined ways of living. She had a relatively glamorous and at the same time low-key life. She used to portrait Rachel Zane on Suits, and that is the role she might be the most famous for. She also played Jamie in Horrible Bosses. During a 2014 interview with The Outnet, Markle explained that her fashion style started changing once she got the role on Suits, saying: „My style has changed so much since I started working on the show. Everything that I used to wear was a bit more chill.“

She added that thank to the opportunity to access designers because of the show, she was able to make changes when it comes to her fashion choices in real life. However, she didn’t ditch jeans and t-shirts for good.

During her time on the show, Markle was using her own jewerly and she also tried to influence her character’s fashion choices, so you can say that the fashion changes were made for both Markle and her character. Gwyneth Paltrow was an ultimate style icon for Markle.

Markle talked about five fashion items she considers to be a must in any woman’s closet, and those include: black pants, a cashmere sweater, a pencil skirt, a pair of jeans, and a little se`y dress.

How Becoming A Part Of Royal Family Changed Meghan Markle’s Fashion Style

In 2016, friends set up a blind date for Markle and Prince Harry. It wasn’t long before their relationship became public. Since then, the couple was all over the news, and when it was official that they were about to marry, the press and the public talked about how well the actress might be prepared for the royal life, their rules, scrutiny, and obligations. There was a lot of judgement, and Markle said that it was something that she did not expect to happen.

She said: „There was a misconception that because I have worked in the entertainment industry that this would be something I would be familiar with, but I’ve never been part of tabloid culture. I’ve never been in pop culture to that degree and lived a relatively quiet life.“

In May 2018, after the royal wedding, Markle officially became the Duchess of Sussex, and a member of the royal family. Since then, she wasn’t allowed to wear many things during her royal engagements, and some of those included her favourite jeans and flowy sundresses. Thicker fabrics on cleanly tailored ensembles with solid colors, which are typical of all of the royal women, became part of Markle’s closet too. But that was not all. There were other fashion changes Markle needed to make. She wasn’t allowed to wear any bright nail polish, and instead she would wear nude colors. Her skirts and dresses needed to be as long as the knee or lower. However, Markle used to break some rules, including wearing exposed shoulders, and many judged her for that. It was common for royals to wear fascinators, but when compared to her sister-in-law, Duchess of Cambridge, or any other royal, Markle sported those far less.

How Will Meghan Markle’s Fashion Style Change Once She Is No Longer A Part Of The Royal Family?

In January 2020, Markle and Prince Harry made an official announcement that they would be leaving the royal family. Their official HRH (Her Royal Highness) titles will be kept until 31st March. Till then, they will be finishing their royal engagements.

CNN Style and The Cut used word exuberant to describe Markle’s recent fashion choices. Only time will tell whether Markle’s style will evolve in the years to come, or whether she would go back to simple and more comfortable style.

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