Kim Kardashian and Kanye West give their kids the most luxurious gifts

The lavish lifestyle of the Kardashians is already popular. We all know how Kylie Jenner spoils her daughter Stormi. But it is nothing compared to Kim Kardashian’s children. Kim and Kanye spoil their kids like no other parents. The couple doesn’t think twice before spending millions on their kids. They bought Michael Jackson’s Jacket for $65,000… as a “Birthday Present” to North!

Not only that, but she also got the famous hat of Michael Jackson. The hat he wore in “Smooth Criminal “North is really fond of handbags. She has a Birkin bag worth $10,000. Her limited edition Dior saddle bag is worth $30,000.

The Kardashians never let their children travel on normal planes. They always travel in their luxury private jets. In 2015, Kim Kardashian shut down Disneyland to celebrate North’s birthday because she didn’t want her daughter to wait for any rides.

The kids only wear designer shoes. Kim’s kids were seen wearing expensive custom-designed Gucci shoes at school.

Chicago has a rocking horse covered with Swarovski Crystals that costs around $130,000.

We know that kids are fond of soft toys. Chicago has a Louis Vuitton Teddy Bear worst $170,000. Because her dad is Kanye West and her mom is Kim Kardashian… It’s no shocker that North has been well dressed since the day she was born.

North’s fur coats are around $3,500 each and are made of real full. North is only 7 years old… But she has already appeared in Magazine covers. She has already walked on the ramp in the fashion show. North’s Balmain Blazer collection is also custom made for her. Balmain Blazers cost a minimum of $2000 and they are made for adults. But Kim had them customized in North’s size.

Kim even bought a vintage bed worth about $75,000 for Chicago. When Chicago was one year old, her grandmother Kris gifted her a music box. It was not a normal music box, it was a $3,350 Louis Vuitton one.

Saint is fond of Dinosaurs… So his parents built him a Jurassic Park for his birthday. The birthday party cost around $40,000.

Kim gifted Psalm, who is only ten months old, a $96,000 pacifier. It’s made of solid gold and diamonds.

Kim has spent more than $50,000 just on her kid’s playrooms. The kid’s rooms are filled with luxury items.

Kim and Kanye don’t mind a few thousand dollars here and there for their kids. “What’s the most rewarding thing about being a mom?” “I would say when the kids tell you they love you.” “Kanye, What’s the best part of being a dad?” “Kids “