Kim Jong Un’s Expensive Properties

The Dictator of North Korea lives a very lavish lifestyle, profiting off of his nation’s poverty and misery. These are some of his most expensive investments in Pyongyang:

  1. His Own Private Island

Even though the location of this island is unknown, an American celebrity who visited the island claims that it is vast.

  1. Ski Resort

Masikryong Ski Resort fashions a hotel with 120 rooms, and its building was ordered by Kim Jong Un himself. It was built on top of the Taehwa Peak, 1360 meters tall.

  1. Golf Course

It is said that the Dictator owns the best golf courses in Pyongyang, with many employees who maintain the grounds.

  1. Ryugyong Hotel

This pyramid hotel, located in the middle of the capital took 26 years to complete. It is the tallest structure in Pyongyang, being the main feature of its skyline with 105 floors.

  1. Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

This palace was dedicated to Kim Il-Sung, frequently referred to as his mausoleum. It is also his resting place – a clear glass sarcophagus with his embalmed body.

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