Kim Jong Un Critically Ill


American intelligence agencies have been following closely reports about Kim Jong Un’s medical condition since the reports about his health started circulating.

An unconfirmed report that the North Korean leader is in grave danger after an unspecified “cardiovascular surgical procedure” has caused quite a stir in Washington, according to the unnamed US official. Last week was his grandfather’s birthday and Kim Jong Un was absent from the celebration, which is an unprecedented occurrence.  The Daily NK, a website founded and run by the North Korean defectors, reported that Kim had surgery on April 12th, but has since recovered. However, his absence has given rise to rumors that his health has deteriorated and that years of smoking, obesity, and long hours have started taking their toll on him.

CNN, who broke the story, has asked both the CIA and the State Department for additional information on Kim’s health. Since there is no confirmation for the official sources in North Korea, it is hard to say is there any truth in these rumors.

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