Kevin Spacey Talks about the Controversy that Surrounds him and Coronavirus Pandemic

About three years ago, Kevin Spacey found himself in the middle of accusations of violation of a wide array of men. Until now he was silent about those accusations. Finally, we are able to hear his side of the story. Moreover, he addresses the current situation caused by the global pandemic.

Kevin Spacey is an actor with an exceptional career. He starred in some of the most iconic movies in the last three decades, like “L.A. Confidential”, “Usual Suspects”, “Seven”, “American Beauty”, etc. Over time, he managed to win the favor of many people because of his great performances. However, back in 2017, he was accused of violation by a couple of men. This was the occurrence that ruined his acting career completely. At the same time, the global pandemic of coronavirus had a significant impact on his life, as well as on many people.

He was a guest at a certain podcast where he talked about the whole situation. Naturally, questions about the controversy from a couple of years ago were unavoidable. He said that it is not a surprise for anyone to hear that his life has been completely different one after the accusations started piling up. He said that his career changed, his private and love life. Moreover, his whole reputation was over in a matter of hours. He concluded that his life was pretty hard in the last three years and that nothing is as it was before.

After he was asked to talk about the global pandemic of coronavirus, he stated that he doesn’t like to talk about his experience because it feels like all other experiences are unique and that doesn’t want to undermine them. He said that the times are hard and that every person in the world has a completely unique and highly personal experience. Also, he stated that he relates to all people who have been hurt by the current situation in any way. Even though the reason for this is the same, every person has its life changed in different elements.

For those who are not aware, Kevin Spacey was accused of violating several young actors a couple of decades ago. All was set in motion after a fellow actor, Anthony Rapp stated that he was violated by Kevin Spacey back in 1986 when he was a young boy. After these allegations started piling up, he was written out of a very successful Netflix tv show “House of Cards”. Also, all of the projects that he was planned to star in, replaced him with another actor. One of the examples is, Christopher Plummer replaced him in a project called “All the Money in the World”.

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