Is Meghan Markle Expecting Another Baby?

If you are Meghan Markle, it looks like all you have to do to start suspicion of pregnancy is get out of the house. Or maybe, not even that.

Apparently, you just have to be a woman already having a baby and a spe*m-producing partner who may want another kid at some point in the future.

After making a couple of public royal appearances – the last ones for the couple, the speculations about her expecting another baby appeared. Specifically, rumors say that Meghan is in her first trimester of pregnancy.

The reported adds have been cut to a “record low” of 2/11 that Meghan is pregnant, which alludes “an 85 percent chance that the rumors of an announcement are true”. If you put in real money terms, it means that if you made a £1 bet, your return would be £1.18. That profit isn’t exactly going to make you rich.

Since Meghan Markle isn’t showing any physical signs of pregnancy, it seems that the prediction of pregnancy is purely down to… how happy she looks.

“Unsurprisingly, royal fans have been quick to question whether Megan’s glow means she’s expecting her second baby,” one spokesperson said. “The latest betting definitely suggests there could be an announcement around the corner, and when it comes, bookies should brace themselves for yet another betting bonanza.”

An exciting consideration this time is whether we’d find out if the couple is expecting a brother or sister for baby Archie.

Now they have withdrawn from their frontline roles in the royal family, which means they will no longer be receiving any public funding as of April 1.

They aren’t under obligation to share this kind of news since it’s technically no longer ‘public interest.’