How to Marry a Colombian Woman Today

How to Marry a Colombian Woman Today

Marrying a Colombian woman seems to be an emerging trend: Colombian natives are consistently the most popular country by the number of K-1 visas issued every year. If you also want to marry a Colombian woman, your desire is completely understandable. However, there are some things Americans marrying Colombian women need to know, and we are here to tell you everything.

Understanding Colombian women

Understanding Colombian women

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Don’t marry a Colombian woman,” chances are that its author didn’t really understand the essence of Colombian women before deciding to marry one of them. To avoid making the same mistake, make sure to research Colombian culture: marriage, dating, and everything in between:

  • Marriage in Colombian culture is extremely important for local women. Their goal is to get married once and for all. This is why they are very peculiar about who they marry and won’t just marry anyone who asks.
  • Colombian brides want to marry soulmates. They are looking for someone they have a lot in common with when it comes to everything from family life and budgeting to politics and art.
  • Colombian women can be jealous. When you marry a Colombian woman, you need to understand that there should be no place for other women in your marriage other than family members.

Meeting Colombian women

Before you can marry a Colombian girl, you first need to find her. And, unless you live in Colombia yourself or can afford moving there for an indefinite period of time to meet Colombian women to marry, the best option for you is to go for online dating. Here are the top 3 trusted dating sites with Colombian women for marriage.


LaDate is a well-known name to anyone interested in dating a Latina. This site is easy to join and to start using, so you can begin looking for your perfect partner without any obstacles. The standout feature of LaDate is that 100% of women there are verified, meaning the chance of running into a fake profile is virtually nonexistent.


LatiDate is one of the newer sites in the Latin dating niche, but it has already attracted a loyal audience of beautiful Latinas and men who want to meet them. There are thousands of Colombian women to marry and to date on this site, and thanks to a robust selection of communication tools, you can date them with ease.


ColombiaLady is part of a well-known network of dating services, which adds a layer of trust to its already solid reputation. ColombiaLady has a big and active female audience. Moreover, unlike many other dating sites in this niche, ColombiaLady has a mobile app you can download to any iOS or Android device for seamless mobile communication.

Making the first move

As dating advice blog, we want you to have a short and successful journey to marrying a Colombian woman. And any good marriage starts with the first impression. Here is how to approach and charm a Colombian girl:

  1. Colombian women can approach a guy first, but they need to spot your interest. Catching a few glimpses or smiling across the room may indicate your interest, inspiring the Colombian lady to make the first move herself.
  2. Appearance matters to Colombian girls. We are not talking about your God-given features, but about the appearance you can work on. Something as simple as a nice haircut and modern, well-fitting clothes can already work in your favor.
  3. Don’t be cheesy. Beautiful Colombian girls have probably heard every popular pickup line in existence. If you want to stand out for the right reasons, say something simple but personal and heartfelt.

Knowing when to propose

When you find Colombian women to marry and want to take the next step of proposing marriage, the key is to find the right moment. In other words, you need to make sure that marriage is what your partner wants too and she’s not going to say no.

On average, Colombian ladies expect a proposal within a year or a year and a half of dating. A common sign that it’s time to pop the question is when your woman starts often talking about the two of you as a married couple, discussing what to make for dinner, which color of curtains to choose, and where to go on vacation next summer.

Meeting the family

When you want to marry a Colombian girl, you should know that meeting the parents and extended family is on the cards. Don’t worry, they won’t judge you or make things harder for you. However, you should be prepared to answer some questions, like where you’ll live, when you’ll have kids, how often you’ll visit, and so on.

The marriage process

Whether you’re marrying a Colombian woman in Colombia or in the US, you should follow a specific procedure for making your marriage legal and easy for everyone involved. Here are the most important aspects to take into consideration.

Legal requirements

If you plan to get married in the United States, your bride-to-be will need a special K-1 visa. Apply for the visa as soon as you decide to get married because it can take over a year to be processed. To qualify for the visa, you need to be able to prove that your relationship is real.

Planning the wedding

There are many options for marrying your Colombian woman that range from a small courthouse ceremony that costs about $1,000 to a lavish destination wedding that can cost upwards of $50,000. Our advice is to go with what your bride wants and not pressure her into a ceremony she doesn’t want.

Cultural adaptation

When your new wife moves in with you in the US, she may need from several months to several years to get used to her new life. Help her with anything she needs: sign her up for language classes if necessary or find her a Colombian diaspora to join. Also, encourage her to maintain her culture and customs.

Six possible problems of marrying a Colombian woman 50


Here we want you to have the most complete idea of what happens when you marry a Colombian girl. This is why we want to talk not only about the many advantages of marrying a Colombian woman but also about the obstacles you can face.

Cultural differences

Growing up in two completely different parts of the world means you and your wife may have different opinions about many subjects. However, view that as an opportunity to learn from each other instead of arguing.

Emotional nature

Latinas are famously emotional, so in order to avoid one of the common problems marrying a Colombian woman, you need to learn how to mitigate her emotional response and not add fuel to the fire.

Communication styles

Colombian girls prefer to talk about everything openly instead of reserving their feelings. If you’re not used to open communication, there may be a slight clash until you figure things out.

Different understanding of gender roles

Growing up in America, you may expect women to be more assertive, career-oriented, and independent. Colombian ladies, on the other hand, believe in traditional gender roles and prefer to be taken care of by their men.

Expectations of marriage

When you are already married, there may be a question of different expectations of your married life: who makes the money, who does the housework, who takes care of the kids, and so on. Honest discussions before marriage can solve this problem.

Legal and bureaucratic challenges

Even after your bride gets a visa and moves to the US, she has a long way to go before becoming an American citizen. She may need to provide additional paperwork and may not be able to work for a while, so you’ll need to help her.

Never marry a Colombian woman? The ultimate truth


“Never marry a Colombian woman” is a sentiment you can sometimes come across when talking to men with failed marriages with Colombian ladies. But is it the fault of Colombian wives, or did the men simply not do their research or have unjustified expectations from marriage? We are betting on the latter. As long as you are serious about marrying a Colombian lady, you are prepared to do your part to build the relationship and make it last, and you know what to expect from your Colombian sweetheart, things should go perfectly for you.