How Josue Arteaga Went From Small Town Kid to Millions Under Management

Growing up is not easy. As a kid, you have no control over what happens, and when it gets tough, you can do nothing to help. Josue Arteaga, the Vice President of Disrupt Media, went through hard times growing up but knew he had to make a change. Arteaga is a six and seven-figure personal branding expert and a venture capitalist managing a seven-figure annual revenue. He went from nothing to making six figures while still in his teens, which is just incredible.

His Story

Arteaga grew up in Grandview, Washington, and his success did not come easy. He had to grind hard to build his empire from the ground up. When around 17 years old, his father lost his job and right around the same time, his mother fell ill and needed surgery. This situation was too hard on Arteaga, but he instead used the pain to push himself toward success. Now Arteaga is a Top one percent earner at his age bracket. He went into personal branding and has worked with clients worth over $100 Million. Arteaga has also worked with big influencers like Julius Dien, Sam Bakhair, Ed Mylett, Com Mirza, and Tonio Skits. Achieving his dreams also meant that he had to make the situation at home better; he retired his parents. At one time, Arteaga also had to deal with betrayal on a business deal. He was responsible for building Influencer press into a six-figure company, but they got into a disagreement in pay. It led to him moving on on his own and quickly became a six-figure income earner. In 2019, he merged his personal branding business with Disrupt Media and became Vice President.

How Arteaga Became a Millionaire at 20

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It took Arteaga almost three years to make his first money online. While still at school, he started learning about SEO, converting clients and articles from Neil Patel. He then took a job marketing for a local bar, but it did not turn out well, he brought in no clients. After that, he tried to sell his friends empty garage and barbershop walls as an advertisement for businesses, but that too went south. Arteaga, fortunately, made $50 selling shirts online. His sight was shut down due to copyright issues, and he had to give the money back.

Finally, Arteaga made $300 after selling an email list he made from an email scraper. Later he started writing blogs with a friend; these blogs turned into high-end publications. He spoke on how he’d interview guests with millions of social followers, and once in the publications, he consulted clients to do so too. It cost them $5,000 – $10,000, and this was the start of his personal branding business. After that, he went to making $144,000 from $17,000 the next year. At this point, he was just 19. A friend from college approached Arteaga and asked him to invest in his dad’s meat business. He asked Arteaga due to his experience in online marketing, which turned out to be the right choice. Arteaga cut off his extravagant spending and saved up $60,000 that he put into the Mexican meat and grocery store. He quickly became an expert and established connections with high-end corporate CEOs. Now at 20nyears old, Arteaga owns a one million dollar asset and manages two million dollars in annual revenue from meat markets alone

Future Ambitions

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Arteaga met someone that taught him about the meat business. By the coming year, he plans to open three or four more meat markets to add three or four million to his annual revenue. He does not intend to stop here as his dream is to open 1,000 more meat markets in ten years, which will make annual revenue of a billion dollars. If not, Arteaga says $10 Million annually won’t be that bad.

He currently is focused on disrupting how personal branding is done on social media, press, and podcast to impact millions. Arteaga also plans to make his online business a need-based business. He wants to teach other entrepreneurs how to create more revenue for their companies instead of selling his services to them.


Not many people can transform hard situations into success stories. That is what makes Arteaga stand out from the crowd. Arteaga is mentoring other entrepreneurs and helping them scale their businesses. He is a marketing genius.

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