Turn Your Idea Into A Product

You’re sitting in your room on your computer which was invented by great minds and the main source of light in the room is the lightbulb above your head. The two things we mentioned are one of the greatest inventions ever made.

Both the lightbulb and the computer took ages before becoming the finished product. They both started from an idea and were slowly turned into what they are now.

Every person dreams of making an invention that will aid someone in one way or another. It takes a lot of hours brainstorming to even come up with something, let alone a finished product. So that’s why we’ve written this article to help you turn your idea into a product.

1. Documentation

Claiming to have come up with an “idea” is worthless if you don’t have the documentation to prove it. That’s why whenever you’re developing your idea; you must document every step of it. From the first sketches to the last bit of detail, documentation is one of the most important things to do.

By having proof of your design, you are making it patentable and keeping it from being stolen.

2. Research

Researching your idea is very important from both a legal and business point of view. There are two steps you need to cover before patenting your design, and those are:

• Complete a patent research
Just because you’ve come up with a brilliant idea doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been invented yet. Before you patent it, you have to complete patent research and find out if your idea has already been patented. If you also find any form of artwork or design related to your idea, then you cannot patent it.
• Research the market
The second step to cover is to research the market to see if your idea will sell. A general rule in inventing is that 95% of all inventions fail to make money for the inventors. This is why thorough research is needed before you patent your idea.

3. Prototype

Before we start, you can always get help with developing your invention by browsing various websites such as InventHelp for various ideas and concepts.
You’ve covered both steps, and you’ve determined that your idea will sell; it’s now time to make a prototype model. A prototype model will demonstrate how it looks and works to potential investors, lenders, and licensees.
There are three general rules to keep in mind whenever you’re on this step, and those are:
• Start by drawing the idea into your journal.
• Create a 3D model
• Create a full working model when you’re satisfied with the mockup.

4. File a Patent

Now that you’ve covered everything from research to design, it’s time to file a patent for your idea. There are two patents you can choose from, and those are a utility patent and a design patent. The first one refers to new processes or machines, while the latter refers to manufacturing new, non-obvious ornamental designs. For filing a patent, we suggest you hire a professional that will explain the entire process in full and help you avoid any legal problems along the way.

5. Create your Invention

The first thing you need to do once you’ve covered every step is to come up with a business plan. You have to come up and answer questions such as how will you raise the money? Where will you manufacture your product? How are you planning on selling it? Will the manufacturer sell the product or another company? These are all questions that need answering before you even think of bringing the product to the market.

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