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How Can You Become an SEO Expert

In Facebook SEO groups, one of the major questions is, “What is the best way to learn SEO?” The confusion is easy to understand since many promise quality courses. There is good news however, as anyone can learn SEO through free online courses. This could be challenging, but surely not impossible. Better start today, as SEO changes daily. Read on to learn how to become an SEO Expert and find your first SEO job with Jooble.

On-Site Optimization

Google is the best place for this, as they made a 32-page guide for best SEO practices. After studying this, any site becomes easy to understand, index, crawl by a search engine. If 32 pages are too long for you, there is also a two-page version by HubSpot.

Website Design & Development

You need at least a basic understanding of HTML web page components to become an expert in SEO. However, if you aim for forensic or technical SEO, you need much deeper knowledge. Classes at Alison are great. They are free to examine, but there is a fee for the certificate. Other good classes are the following:

Web Page Development offers systematic classes in basic languages for making and styling web pages like HTML, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Cascading Style Sheets. With Web Page Design using HTML5 and CSS3 elements, you will learn these style sheets for responsive web design. jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript implementation and design tools you can find today, which introduces you to basics of the cross-browser library.

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Local SEO & Google My Business Optimization

When developing a great local SEO, your first step should be to get, verify, and then optimize a Google My Business listing. This increases the chances of popping up on Local Finder, Google Maps, Google’s Local Pack and regular SERPs. Learning about this is free with Udemy, which teaches about getting reviews and benefits of a good profile. When your GMB is optimized, the next step is to learn Beginner Local SEO, which you can also do at Udemy.  If you have enough budget, you can also look for digital marketing companies offering local SEO services such as this in Singapore.


The total amount of organic real estate available at SERPs is only a small fraction of its former self thanks to smartphones. A lot of business, therefore, introduced PPC as a part of their online marketing plan. You will need to start doing PPC if you are not, as there are many great options.

For example, Google AdWords, Google’s profit center. They make the best tutorials, and they wish for as many people as possible to know about a product. The AdWords Fundamentals Study Guide is perfect for those looking to get a certified AdWords and the basics.

Bing Ads is another alternative, often said to be better than Google AdWords. They also have a well-made training program, which can make you a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

Content Creation & Optimization

One of confirmed Google ranking factors is content. It is not a luxury to have a great marketing program content, but it is necessary. In Strategy of Content Marketing course, you learn how to develop, organize and implement content marketing strategies, as well as how to analyze and measure effectiveness. In addition, HubSpot offers Content Marketing Certification, designed to teach implementing scalable processes and promoting content, which will help build traffic and convert leads.

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Local SEO: Citation Building & Clean-up

At the moment, 50 percent of mobile searches are local. A local SEO is unique, and you need good citations, consistent NAP to appear in Google’s local pack. If you need help with these, try the following offers:

The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO Ranking takes you through all the needed steps to accomplish being visible and easily found.

Where to get Citations is a guide for those in need of knowledge on how to both build and earn citations, the essence of a local search.

Last but not least, How to Do a Local SEO Audit will help you to analyze the situation, and best determine the next steps in only 30 minutes.

Link Building

Our guess is that thematically related and editorially given links will become much more valuable soon. These meet Google webmaster guidelines and do not have anything in common with links made by using link schemes. An eBook called Illustrated Guide to Link Building is a complete guide by Search Engine Journal that illustrates when, why and how to use each technique and gain results. An Udemy course called SEO Link Building Basics serves an introductory tool for link building and focuses on fundamentals. In addition, the curiously named Noob Friendly Guide to Link Building discuses theory and teaches the necessary skills.

Social Media (Organic)

The best approach we recommend here is to stop any and all social media activity at once. A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Strategy is filled with the best practices and recommendations, while What is Social is an online course that teaches structure, goals, and the deliverables of social marketing. Also, do check out The Power of Social Media.

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Reputation Management

Reputation is the ultimate currency in the age of the web, as a couple of bad reviews can ruin everything you built. It is crucial to know how to manage the online image, and it should be done before potential problems. Me: Managing your Digital Self is a course on leveraging digital tech to your benefits, while Introduction to Personal Branding course teaches how to create personal brands and discover how to maintain and inhabit it. Finally, Reputation Management in a Digital World offers knowledge on how to develop, manage and protect online reputation through social media like Facebook or Twitter.

Social Media (Paid)

Unless you are one of the famous globally celebrities, you will have to pay for a good reach on social media. That is fine however, but should be done right. Check out the following for more advice on this:

Facebook ads are great, and Facebook offers courses and certifications. Follow the Facebook Blueprint for more info. When it comes to ads on Instagram, it has its own tutorials to start you off, different from their parent company, Facebook. Also, check their help center and business blog. Thanks to the USA president, Twitter is bigger than ever and mentioned daily. You should use this in your favor, so check out the Field Guide to Twitter Advertising: How to Create & Launch Campaigns to help you start a promising campaign.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound or permission marketing means blogging, social media and paid ads, and presents a better-targeted type of advertising that pops for the right people. To help you, try Inbound Marketing Course & Certification from HubSpot, a course that is free of charge and even gives you a free certificate. You will cover the fundamentals of SEO, landing pages, inbound marketing, conversions, blogging, email marketing and lead nurturing. That is a lot of things to know for free. Diploma in E-Business teaches about what online marketing involves and how to implement a successful strategy.

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Video Marketing

Video materials are hugely popular. More than 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched daily. Look at the following to expand your platform to a new medium. Video Marketing Primer teaches what video marketing actually means, and it will teach you basic strategies for developing a video campaign online. Also, YouTube Marketing is a detailed guide on steps for promoting, creating and optimizing great video content.

Google Penalty Recovery

Search Engine Journal has the best advice on this topic. The Complete List of Google Penalties & How to Recover post provides clear advice and recommendations for recovery from a potential Google penalty. There is a lot of misinformation present on this, so you do need a reliable guide to help you here.

The Takeaway

To conclude, digital marketing is more complex today than it has ever been. To stay on top of the fast-changing landscape, you have to make constant additional learning your number one tactic. Taking time to study and apply the knowledge will set you up for success, and make you a true SEO expert!

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