Tips on Decorating Tables with Candle Centerpieces

Candle centerpieces are great ways to decorate wedding tables and even other types of tables. They are largely getting recognition among decor vendors as a modern decor material. They don’t just serve the purpose of a centerpiece, they also serve as a source of light at night events.

We all know that when you light candles at your event, it creates a luminous and scintillating atmosphere. Using a candle centerpiece is important because it helps to enhance your wedding or home decor. It makes it possible for you to cluster multiple candles in one place. It also helps you to create a dazzling ambiance.

Exclusive candle centerpieces such as the gold taper candle holders give an amazing touch and feel to the event décor. It is no longer news that using candles with different candle centerpieces helps illuminate the space. It also presents a warm and natural glow to your event.

Are you looking for tips on how to decorate your table with candle centerpieces? If yes, then you are at the right place. This article is going to discuss different tips and ideas on how to decorate your tables with candle centerpieces. Ensure you read to the end to grasp the full information.

10. Tips on Decorating Tables with Candle Centerpieces

The following tips will help you make your tables look alluring with candle centerpieces.

(1) Try Votive Centerpieces

A votive centerpiece is the most exclusive type of candlestick holder that can be used to decorate the table. It works very well for a variety of wedding colors and themes. This type of candle centerpiece could also be used for religious tables. This is because votive are more religious candles.

So if you are having a religious ceremony and a candle centerpiece is needed in the event for the tables, then the first candle centerpiece that should come to your mind is the votive centerpiece.

(2) Try Candelabra Centerpieces

Candelabra is a pair or set of candlesticks with multiple arms. They are used to hold more than one candle. This is a perfect candle centerpiece idea. Imagine a table with a tall centerpiece with about 4 arms, each holding a candle. Apart from the fact that they beautify the wedding table, it helps avoid spillage on the tablecloth.

(3) Put Colorful Taper Candles in Crystal Candle Holder

This is a very beautiful idea for decorating tables with candle centerpieces. You do not need to limit your taper candle to a particular color. You can choose very colorful taper candles and showcase them in a transparent candle holder. It makes the table radiant in beauty and as well makes the guests on the table feel special.

(4) Line A Long Table with White Taper Candles

This is another awesome table decorative tip with candle centerpieces. If you are having a dinner party or any meeting that will be done over the table, this would be an awesome design for you. Simply decorate that long table with a long lineup of white burning candles. This sets the table up for a serious romantic feeling especially if the event is a couple hanging out.

(5) Put Taper Candles in Glass Case

This is another powerful candle centerpiece decoration idea. You already have your taper candle, so why not put them up in a glass case and showcase them as centerpieces on your table?

(6) Use Gold Candelabra at Outdoor Event

Another beautiful way to use candle centerpieces to decorate your table is by using a gold candelabra. This will create a glittering and candle-burning effect at the same time. This even becomes more beautiful if it is an outdoor event. So are you looking for a candle centerpiece to spice up your table? Then the gold candelabra is what you may need.

(7) Consider A Low Floral Centerpiece with A Blend of Candles Accents

If you wish to achieve an exclusive table decor, this is one of the ideas to try out. Get some low-floral centerpieces and blend them with short candle accents. The result that you will get will blow your mind away. Give this a try and come back with testimonies.

(8) Put Small Candles in Mismatched Glasses

Get mismatched glasses and fill them with small candles and place them around the table. Use a medium-sized glass with a candle inside it for the centerpiece while the other glasses decorate the table round. However, you must be careful not to block the guest’s space for resting his or her hands on the table.

(9) Put your candles on A Saucer and Place Them on Your Table

This is more of a DIY Candle Centerpiece idea that can also make the table look beautiful without having to spend so much. You simply need to get saucers from your home and put burning candles on them. Then place them on the table as a centerpiece. Though it may not look like an exclusive candle centerpiece, at least it lightens the table and serves as a DIY centerpiece.

(10) You May Want to Hang Tea Candles from Trees

This is an astonishing table centerpiece idea. Imagine a tree dropping directly to your table from above with Tea Candles hung on them. This does not become an ordinary centerpiece idea. This becomes a bold statement to the event. It will give the guests a natural feeling as though they were in a garden. This is one candle centerpiece idea you must try out.


We have been able to do justice to some ideas you may want to try out if you want to use candle centerpieces. One good thing about these ideas is that they are relative and can easily be done. However, we advise that if you are adopting these ideas for your wedding, ensure that you combine colors very well.

Don’t choose candle colors that would match the centerpiece color but contrast your wedding theme. Whatever your choice of candle centerpiece, plan it together with your event planner. We hope this article has been of help to you concerning choosing a candle centerpiece.

Kindly let us know what you think about these ideas. Feel free to come back to this article anytime you need ideas for decorating tables with candlelight centerpieces.