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Buzzoid Review | How I Used Buzzoid To Boost My Instagram Career


I decided to sit down and give my thoughts on an Instagram boosting service named Buzzoid. A typical Buzzoid review seems to focus on comparing them to more extensive and more generalized services and fail to focus on what makes this service such a boon to online entrepreneurs.

In an effort to provide an extensive collection of fair Buzzoid reviews online I’m going to lay out how I was able to use the service to boost my Instagram following and ROI significantly as well as how I think Buzzoid compares to other similar services.

How Buzzoid Works

Buzzoid allows you to harness the power of social media to boost your profile or business quickly and easily. With only a few quick clicks I was able to enhance significantly my likes and shares for every one of my Instagram posts. Easy to use and set up, so I don’t have to make a purchase for every post, I just upload more or less the way I usually do, and Buzzoid handles the rest! All without breaking any rules and terms of Instagram.

I was amazed at just how fast my numbers exploded and how much more traffic I was getting across all of my platforms just by boosting my Instagram. My business went from a hobby to making a livable income in under 6 weeks of boosting my traffic via Instagram.

People are just more interested in what you have to say when they see that hundreds and thousands of other people have taken the time to listen. Humans are pack animals in a lot of ways, and it is essential you learn how to effectively lead the pack as a content creator.

Buzzoid gives you the choice of services that range from being able to purchase shares, views, and likes. They have been around since the inception of Instagram and their experience with the platform and offering these services really shows.

Buying Buzzoid Instagram Followers

Buzzoid is perhaps the best way to purchase new followers because you do so securely and in a way that does not risk your account, but they also offer subscription packages that allow you to attract engaged and interested followers that are more likely to click through and interact with your page on a long term basis.

This gives you the tools to both build Social Proof (more on that later) and to grow your initial and core audience quickly. It takes away the guesswork and wasted long hours that plague so many trying to crack the social media code.

If you add up all the work hours I’ve saved from having to go through and find and attract followers by hand – I’d argue Buzzoid has not only saved me money but offered me one of the better ROI rates of any service my business has used so far.

Having followers attracts followers, and followers in a specific niche are exceptionally easy to convert if managed well.

This is how I chose to build my key core audience that helps my content get promoted as well as my products purchased. There is no other way to build an effective and theoretically lucrative audience as fast. This is perfect for influencers who focus on a specific niche of activities or locations. Buzzoid has made all this easier than ever.

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The Power of Social Proof

Anyone who has been to marketing or business school will recognize this term. It is a style of getting customers to buy your product by showing them how many other people just like them also enjoy their product. Think about a fast food commercial and how they always show happy smiling families enjoying the food, this works much the same way.

The more people who like something, the more people will be attracted to that item or person. This is how Popstars snowball the way they do into intense fame. It is all over the place and is manipulated by giant corporations in nearly every aspect of life. The reason is, it is super effective in convincing people that something is worthwhile.

Buying Buzzoid Instagram Likes

Buying Instagram likes has much the same effect as purchasing followers but can have a more targeted effect. This is what I was able to utilize for specific posts I really thought would speak to my target audience the best.

While followers will boost your likes eventually, you will need to make sure your posts have the value added (in likes) that work to justify your large follower base. You have to push that snowball up the hill before it can roll down so to speak.

Boosting key posts while you increase your follower count is the optimal method for quickly building a successful Instagram profile.

Other Services

Buzzoid currently only focuses on specific Instagram boosts, and this has allowed them to stay focus and perfect what they do. Since the inception of Instagram TV views have become another important social value metric. Buzzoid now also allows you to purchase boosts to your overall Instagram post and page views.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Buzzoid and Other Services

I have only used a handful of other services, because Buzzoid has been able to supplant all others, at least in the realm of Instagram. And since this is a review specifically of Instagram it is going to be a bit biased, but I still feel this can be of great value to other prospective influencers out there.


  • Great Value for their $/follower count ratios
  • Instagram Specialists*
  • Offer multiple tiers of subscriber quality
  • Technical Support team


  • Instagram specialists – they only have the one platform
  • General level followers are of a typical mediocre quality

My Bottom Line

Buzzoid is my preferred service for the quick and cost-effective follower and like boosts. Their subscriber packages have also been a real game changer for where my business has been able to reach today. I can’t recommend them enough for aspiring online entrepreneurs and creators.

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