Tips on Selecting Best Beverage Cooler for your Tastes and Needs

If you have a new home or a business establishment open to the public, you must have a good stock of wines. Nowadays, it is necessary to have at least a mini beverage fridge at home for family and guests. Modern wine coolers bought from reliable manufacturers are very good for storing both wines and beers as both the products need the same temperature. A stylish cooler nowadays adds to the aesthetic beauty of the space and enhances the prestige and goodwill of the place, especially if there are several wines in it.

Before you purchase your wine cooler, make it a point to browse the internet as several stores display products, including prices. You may find that they come with guarantees and discounts. However, it is more important to rely on authentic sites that can give you high-quality wine coolers at very competitive prices. However, not all wine coolers come at low prices and high-quality.

Choosing Wine Coolers Suitably

It is not a good idea if you desire a huge built-in wine and beverage cooler when your home space is small, or you have a small family. It surely makes sense if you think of running a restaurant and having a large wine cooler to cater to the demands of the customers regularly. You will need only a medium to small beverage cooler if your family needs are to be met. Naturally, it is better to aim for a wine cooler that fits well within your home or the commercial establishment that you are running. More information you can find at

There are both freestanding wine coolers and built-in coolers, and you may choose one according to your budget and your requirements. If you select a freestanding one, you must leave 6 inches of space at the back and 10 to 12 inches of space on the sides. It is very risky to keep a freestanding cooler in a closet.

It is noteworthy that you shouldn’t keep freestanding coolers in a closet and equally dangerous if you place them under a counter or tabletop or cabinetry. It is because the freestanding coolers have a vent at the back that moves the heat backward. In sharp contrast, the built in wine cooler has a vent on the front, so there is no harm when its back is enclosed in a closet or a beneath a counter.

A wine cooler can easily store and keep the wine in perfect condition at a constant temperature. If kept without opening it, you can store the wine for years without any problem whatsoever. Besides, old wines enhance the drinking experience and are more expensive when customers purchase them from wine stores and cafes.

Tips on Affordable Wine Coolers

You may find a wide range of wine coolers or beverage fridges from online stores, and although they all boast about quality, only a very few live up to it. Hence, while selecting wine coolers, you must determine whether the same has specialized temperature control technology. It should also have UV blocking glass, well-designed racks, and humidity control units. If you want to purchase one with certain specifications, it is better to have them built as custom-made. If you wish to integrated wine coolers, you free up more space as its doors open like a cupboard.

It is your choice, but you must always have a fair idea about the space you have in your home and the price you can afford. In the case of a home, you may need only a small beverage cooler so that it is sufficient enough to hold your little collection of wines. It would help if you also had a plan ready to invest in a large wine cooler like in a bar, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment places where customers may come from outside.

If the wine cooler is for your home, you may find space in the kitchen, dining room, cellar, or guest room. The main reason for choosing a wine cooler and not your regular fridge is that your wine wouldn’t get spoiled in the former while there is always temperature fluctuation in the refrigerator. Besides, you frequently open the fridge door making variations in temperature that will damage the wine.

Again, in the wine cooler, humidity levels are well maintained so that the corks on the bottle remain impermeable and moist. On the other hand, the fridges are designed to suppress humidity, and therefore the corks shrink, and odor seeps out, overpowering the natural flavor of the wine.

Wine Coolers are Temperature Controlled Appliance

Hence, it is always noteworthy that you shouldn’t think that a fridge is fine for storing your wine collection, but only a wine cooler justifies the same. It is especially so when you want your wine cooler to last for 10 to 15 years and more. You also need to maintain it properly. It is also noteworthy that the age of your Drink Fridge always depends upon the way you look after it.

Generally, it is seen that you can store beer and wine because both remain good in the same range of temperature. The upper zone temperature is 40 to 50 degrees F while the lower zone is in the field of 50 to 64 degrees F. You may also get details from the suppliers like the above, and you may place any queries so that the answers you get are prompt.

The best range is to set the temperature between 50 degrees F and 65 degrees F for red wine and 45 degrees F and 50 degrees F for white wine. In the case of a dual-zone wine cooler, it has the necessary configurations and features for different kinds of wines.

After keeping the wine bottle in the cooler, you must wait for at least two hours before taking one out. The more you care for your wine cooler, the better it will last.