Aston Martin announced its new hypercar for 2021


After his two previous hyper-cars, Aston Martin announced a new beast, which is likely to have the name Valhalla. For the time being, the official name is Project 003, in the style of the previous Project 001 and Project 002. This new car represents an enhancement for its predecessors Valkyrie and Valkyrie Pro. Also, the new hypercar will be manufactured in a limited edition of only 500 units.

His official appearance on the market is expected in 2021. As with earlier hyper models, the Project 003 will also have a power unit in the middle as well as an active rear spoiler. Also, it will have a canopy. We will probably have a chance to see the prototype at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. In addition to Project 003, Aston Martin will also present the new Valkyrie Pro and the new fully electric SUV called Lagonda.

The name of the new hypercar is very interesting, Valhalla, which has its roots in Nordic mythology, just like Valkyrie. Valhalla is the place where the souls of warriors killed in battle are found, and Valkyrie is a female chooses souls to go to Valhalla. Of course, in the Nordic world, there is a hierarchy, which Aston Martin showed by the names of these new cars.

As for the technical characteristics of the new Project 003, it will be powered by a turbocharged petrol-hybrid V6 engine. So, the powertrain will according to Aston Martin be a hybrid KERS system, and the focus will be on the performance of the new machine. As for its power, it should be about 1,000bhp.

The performance will be great, as Project 003 will reach 62 miles per hour in less than three seconds. The maximum speed will most likely be 200 miles per hour. The new hypercar will have some similarities with its predecessor, Valkyrie, such as active aerodynamics and suspension.

On the occasion of the new Aston Martin’s machine, Andy Palmer, the president of the company said:

“It falls into the category of a ‘special’. It’s the connector, it’s the dot between the Valkyrie and the Ferrari 488 competitor. Let’s put it as a LaFerrari competitor so it’s in that kind of realm, like McLaren Senna and Porsche 918. As for power, it would be more than competing with those. ”

Soon, Aston Martin will release more cars like the first SUV of this British brand called DBX, but also the AM9 that will be one of the competitors of the Ferrari 488.

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