4 Best Americans in Premier League

We are in the middle of the 2019/2020 Premier League season. Looks like Liverpool is aiming for a title that they have been waiting for exactly three decades. They are pretty close this season, there is not much to go. As you may know, teams in the English Premier League have a lot of foreign players, even though the regulations are not so soft in that matter. For example, every foreign player needs to have a work permit in order to play in this league. This didn’t prevent teams from the Premier League to attract foreign players. In fact, this regulation helped them to obtain all of the best players. If you are interested and want to find out how to stream Premier league, click here to find out.

We will take Liverpool as an example. Out of 28 players listed in the current squad, 11 players are not foreigners, including Andrew Robertson, who is from Scotland, a part of the United Kingdom. All the others are coming from all over the world. Some of their moves you can see on

There are a lot of foreign players who are considered legends in the EPL, like Thierry Henry and Patrick Vieira for Arsenal, Cristiano Ronaldo and Eric Cantona for Manchester United, David Silva and Kun Aguero for Manchester City, etc. Some of them are present in their clubs even today and are building a bright future for their clubs.

We even have an example of father and son becoming legends of two different clubs in the league, like Peter Schmeichel who player for Manchester United and his son Kasper still plays for Leicester City. One more nation that gave a lot of players to the English Premier League, is America. There have been a lot of American players who made their mark in some of the clubs in the EPL. Today, we are going to talk about some of them. We are going to focus on the best-known ones. 

Brad Friedel

We are going to start this list of ours with one of the most memorable EPL goalkeepers of all time, Brad Friedel. He started playing in the premier league when he arrived in Liverpool back in 1997. However, he didn’t leave a mark in his first club in this league, with only 25 games under his belt. After Liverpool, he joined Blackburn Rovers, who were a stable middle-table team. He played 290 matches for them in eight years and even scored one goal for popular rovers. In 2008, he moved to Aston Villa where he played 114 matches. The last club he played for before retiring was Tottenham Hotspur, where he was a second-choice goalkeeper and played only 50 matches in four years. He has 82 appearances for the United States national team. He is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the last two decades.

Tim Howard

The second entry on our list is also a goalkeeper, Tim Howard. Even in his forties, he announced his retirement last year in US club Colorado Rapids where he played a hundred matches. Before he moved to Manchester United in 2003, he played only for clubs in the United States. He didn’t have much success with “Red Devils”, where he played 45 matches in four years. However, when he moved to Everton in 2006, his career started to pick up. At first, he was on a loan deal, but the club from Liverpool decided to sign him a year later, in 2007. Between 2007 and 2016, he played 329 matches for the Toffees. Like his fellow American, Brad Friedel, he scored one goal during his career in this league. He is considered a living legend in Liverpool and Everton fans love him even today, four years after he left the club.

Clint Dempsey

Now, we are talking about a forward who left his biggest mark in Fulham, Clint Dempsey. A native Texan started his career at Furman Paladins while he was in college. His next club was the New England Revolution, where he had a pretty good run. After the season 2005/2006, he received a call from a well-known Premier League club, Fulham. He moved to London in 2007. On 184 appearances, he scored 50 goals.

In his first four years in the league, he made a really good name for himself. In 2012, he moved to Tottenham Hotspur, for which he played 29 matches in which he scored 7 goals. At the end of the season, he returned to United States where he played for Seattle Sounders FC. He played in 115 matches and scored 47 goals. In 2014, he was on a loan deal with Fulham. He played only 5 matches and didn’t score a goal.

Brian McBride

Another American who left a huge mark at Craven Cottage was Brian McBride. Originally from Illinois, McBride started playing football when he was in college. He played for Saint Louis Billikens. Later, he played for Milwaukee Rampage, VfL Wolfsburg, and Columbus Crew. While he was with Columbus Crew, where he displayed some exceptional performances, he was on loan to Preston North End. In 2003, he moved to Everton on a loan deal. He scored 4 goals in 8 matches, which recommended him for every club in the league. In 2004, he signed a contract with London side Fulham, where he made 140 appearances and scored 33 goals.

He received the “Player of the Season” award two times while he was in this club. He even became a team captain. After he left the club, a sports bar in a Craven Cottage stadium was renamed to McBride’s. Later, he played for Chicago Fire, where he made 59 appearances and scored 18 goals. In 2012, he played briefly for a semi-professional club Wembley in the UK. Today, he is a general manager of the United States’ national football team.