Why Windows Is The Best Operating System For Ethereum Mining

When it comes to the point of making some extra profit, crypto mining can be one of the best policies. But you need to have a smart approach to get that extra bucks. Detailed technical study and investments into hardware can be the most important if you want to successfully get started and make a good profit.

The operating system that you use is of course dependent on your personal choices. However, you need to weigh some factors and consider the ups and downs before you finally hone in on one! As you keep reading, you will see why Window would the best bet for Ethereum mining.


The Windows operating system offers huge opportunities for scripting. It has powerful tools such as batch files. Batch files can simply be plopped into the startup folder and they should start running automatically.

There are some other powerful and advanced stuff like PowerShell. PowerShell is always helpful for running heavier files. Powershell is a nifty tool and is perhaps the most efficient tool for scripters but it does take a little getting used to!

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Windows has the best automation system. You just need to put all your miners in the batch files within the start-up folder and relax. It assures that all your miners will start as soon as you log in. This is super handy and good for those who are not well skilled in this technology.

You don’t have to do anything once your miners are set up. This automatic system has made it superior to other operating systems. As you don’t need to make an auto-run script you can have hassle-free mining with windows.

These facilities also extend in controlling fan speed and overclocking methodologies as well.

Best Driving Support


It goes without a doubt that Windows has the best driver support. The reason behind the overpowering capability of Windows is the best quality driver support. This software comes with a highly compatible nature.

Previously, Windows 8 lagged because of small uptime numbers. All these flows have been made up in the latest version that is Windows 10. It provides a high level of stability and reliability now. It also comes with a squeaky clean interface.

Windows 10 has come a long way to stop reboot problems from previous Windows 8. But the fact that Windows can be a bit expensive can not be denied.

A Newbie Paradise

Windows can be the best choice for the newbies on the Ethereum mining platform. If you go for Windows operating system you will come to know that it gives you the least resistance compared to other platforms. As a result, you will face fewer challenges in mining.

In the case of other operating systems like Linux, they have a more intricate nature of the software which will be tough to manage for the newcomers.

Application Support For Third Parties

Third-party application support is the most effective part of this operating system. It has great popularity in mass gaming. So it comes with all the additional fasciitis to satisfy the needs of the users.

Windows will give you many options for overclocking, monitoring, or RGB color tweaks, and so on. Windows is always there to provide you with whatever you need.

Ease Of Use

After all these discussions you are now well aware of the fact that Windows is the easiest option to opt for. It comes with a GUI and has easy availability. Windows users do not even have to open the terminals.

The most overpowering fact is that it is used widely resulting in great support from a large community. Various Youtube channels are also explaining how to make money through mining and describing the steps to make your windows Mining Rigs.

Your Comfort Zone

If you do not have much technical knowledge in Ethereum mining then Windows may be the best operating system for you. After all, everyone wants an easy way to get used to the system, it will give you a comfortable journey towards your way of success.

In a nutshell, most people go for the Windows operating system because of its widespread use, GUI, and availability. Also, it is a suitable platform for not-so-well skilled users.

What Other Operating System Can I Look Into?

There are plenty of choices when you are trying to choose a platform for mining. The major options are Linux and Ubuntu.

Linux: Though Windows is widely used by people around the world, Linux has its advantages. When it comes to the use of multiple GPUs, Linux acts more proficiently than Windows. Miners sometimes use 6 GPUs at a time when Windows gets confused. Apart from being crash-free Linux can adopt newer updates without restarting the whole operating system. The price is also lower than Windows and it is popular because of its stability.

Ubuntu: Ubuntu is free and has a Solid Graphical Interface system(GUI). The one consequence of Ubuntu is that you have to learn the terminal commands well to use it. It is for those who have a nice skill of using the terminal.

GPU Set-up – Getting Started Hassle-Free

When you are pretty sure that you are going to use the Windows operating system for Ethereum mining then the first step to get started is to install GPUs. This can be easily set up by your Windows OS. You have to keep patience in this case because everyone knows GPU installation in Windows takes time. It is not a matter of fact as you know good things take time.

Wrapping It Up

Making a profit from Ethereum mining is not easy. But with the right choice of platform and good knowledge of technology you can achieve the goal. Here we have discussed the pros and cons of using Windows and also gave you a brief knowledge about other operating systems. Now you can choose as per your needs and comfort zone.

However, if you want to play safe and get started with ease in the field of Ethereum mining, Windows operating system is the best way to get a grip.