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Which NBA Team Has Won the Most?

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when the basketball team that you support wins the championship. It is even more easily appreciated when you are courtside or in the crowd and able to see the incredible moves up close. This is what makes basketball one of the most popular sports to watch and support.

You will know all the names of the star players. They became stars because they are judged by how many championships they have won. Even with one win, when a player accomplishes that, it can change standing in the league as well as their legacy. The same thing can be said about the team.

Winning a championship title or titles, when seen from the team’s perspective, can elevate the prestige of the franchise and this leads to long-term tangible benefits. Whenever an NBA Final is approaching, it is always interesting to know which of these franchises has won the most championships?

1.Boston Celtics – 17 wins
2. Los Angeles Lakers – 16 wins
3. Chicago Bulls – 6 wins
4. San Antonio Spurs – 5 wins /Golden State Warriors – 5 wins
5. Philadelphia 76ers – 3 wins/Detroit Pistons – 3 wins/Miami Heat – 3 wins

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As you can see, some of the most popular teams with the biggest fans may not have won for some time. If you want to know more about the basketball world, you can view website for all the latest news.

Ranking the Five Teams Which Are Most Likely to Win the NBA Finals in 2019

Will anyone stand a chance at challenging the Golden State Warriors? The NBA Finals look set to be one of the most exciting events this year. It looks like 2019 might just see the Dubs continued success. They have performed one of the greatest four-year stretches seen in basketball history.

As the draft is still left to determine what other contenders might be out there, plus the unknown factor of a free agent signing to a new team, it might be premature to predict the Dubs will continue to dominate their way into a five-year stretch. Keep in mind that there might be some retirements announced, and it will be interesting to see who is lined up in the shadows to take their place.

Massive Turnaround for the Lakers

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It may not be necessary to count out the Lakers completely just yet. They have 16 wins under their belt, and also have a reputation to consider. There are rumors the L.A. Lakers are set to improve their roster in the offseason.

They have the trade chips and cap space, so it is possible they will try to lure two NBA elite into their corner. It is said they are trying to fill both maximum contract slots with crowd-pleasing All-Stars. The rumor mill has thrown up the names of two NBA titans, LeBron James and Paul George.

It looks like 2019 is going to be an exciting year for basketball.

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