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What Makes Up A Green Diamond Price?

Regardless of what some might think about fashion, it describes us, and it speaks volumes about who we are and how fast we are evolving. The role of fashion is much bigger as it affects every aspect of our life. That’s why fashion shows are of such big importance, and if we look at fashion on its own, it’s an industry with some of the highest growth. Now, some believe that it’s just about clothing, but it is so much more than just that, as there is much work and effort needed to create a perfect combination. Besides that, we cannot think about fashion and not mention jewelry, regardless of whether it is a bracelet, necklace, watch, etc.

Jewelry is an important part of fashion. Outfits are almost never without accompanying statement pieces as they greatly complement every fashion style. We cannot think about some famous model without it, and sometimes, that piece of jewelry simply adds something special to the entire clothing combination.

Furthermore, as it appears, the more unique and unusual you are in fashion, the more enticing you appear to others. Yes, this might sound contradictory, but the more you stand out, and, the more you use clothes to express your beliefs and emotions and all with a genuine goal, to make a statement, the more attention you will draw.

The same thing applies to the most precious crystals in the world, and here, the shape or size of them really doesn’t matter that much, at least it doesn’t if it fits perfectly with the combination. There are plenty of types of these crystals, but regardless of which you are fond of, just the fact that you wear a diamond necklace will do so much for your overall looks. Now, as much as clear or white ones are a thing of beauty, there’s just something about fancy colored ones that adds to the charm. Therefore, If you want to stand out, then you should definitely opt and wear a rare one.

According to, natural green ones are known for being one of the rarest gems ever created, and in fact, there are only about 300 of them in the world, so you can expect that the price will follow that rarety, meaning that it belongs in the expensive category. Of course, just because something is rare doesn’t necessarily mean it should be of great value, but here, the color, the fact that they are so rare, and the fact that they are so tough to find surely mean much, regardless of how you look at it.

All of that is also a reason why we will in this article go over some important considerations to keep in mind when purchasing this alluring colored piece of jewelry from bespoke jewelry shops like Astteria.

Is it Expensive?

Unlike white ones that are neutral to any look, fancy colored ones add an exceptional appeal to one’s overall look. Of course, this is just the first thing why ‘ice’ in any color is so highly valued and cherished, as that glance is something that cannot be described.

For this reason alone, having a fancy colored one in your collection is an advantage and one you should definitely at least consider.

They come in several colors, and these natural stones came about from hundreds of years of enduring a specific rough process which makes their beauty even more special. Time is a big factor here and one of the biggest reasons why these stones, regardless of the color, are so expensive, as those pure ones were created for more than one billion years. Yes, this is how much time is needed to create a pure, uncut diamond.

But let’s get back to the point, and if you are in the search for an absolute rare one, then a green one might just be the gem you are looking for, as it surely has that unique yet natural color, and if anything else, wearing it will leave everyone in awe.

The law of supply and demand is pretty clear, and the more demand there is for certain items, the bigger the price of those items will be. Of course, this goes both ways, meaning that the fewer items there are, the higher the prices will get, which also affects the overall demand. In general, that’s how every market operates, and the same is with this one, especially with these stones, as they are some of the rarest in the world.

Another interesting thing is that many studies have shown how there are only three hundred pieces of one carat in size in the entire world. Of course, there is a bigger one but, for that, you will have to visit a museum as they are kept there, and one of the most famous gems of this kind is the Dresden Green Diamond, which weighs an incredible 41 carats.

What Are The Parameters Of Determining Its Price?

With vivid green stones belonging to the rare group of these gemstones, owning one can mean that you will have to spend a significantly huge amount of money, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.  To serve as an alternative, artificial ones are developed in laboratories by exposing white ones to radiation and can be a perfect substitute for those who don’t want to spend that much but still would like to have one in their collection.

Of course, since they are not natural, they cost a lot less as the origin is a huge factor in determining the price of this type of stones. Namely, synthetic ones produced in a lab don’t have the same quality as the ones that come from nature, as that glow and unique composition is something that cannot be replicated, at least not today.

There is also a significant difference in pricing just because of the color and whether it’s slightly brighter or not, which is yet another aspect to keep in mind when considering buying one.

Its price is heavily influenced by carat weight, cut, and clarity which are the other three main parameters aside from color. Knowing what each element means will help you get a much better idea of how much you should expect to pay for this colored stone.

To Summarize

From everything mentioned above, it’s pretty clear that these stones, regardless of their price, are something of a must-have, as they are much more than just some piece of jewelry. They go well with everything you wear and are great for every occasion, and there is no better time than right now to get them, as their price will only increase as the time passes.

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