What Can Molybdenum Materials Be Used For?

There are many uses and applications for molybdenum, but none more so than in the iron and steel industry. With over 80% of the total consumption in the iron and steel industry, molybdenum is in the leading position. The second industry that uses molybdenum the most is the chemical industry, with no more than 10%. Furthermore, molybdenum is used in the electrical and electronic industry, in technology, medicine, agriculture, and in many other fields. The total consumption in all of these fields makes out the remaining 10% of its total consumption.

With all that said, what can molybdenum materials be used for? Where exactly is it used in these industries? How is it used? Stick around and find out.

Alloy Fields

We mentioned that molybdenum is mostly used in the iron and steel industry. It is mostly used to produce alloys of steel, stainless steel, tool steel, high-speed steel, cast iron rolls, and more. As most of this material is directly involved in the steel or cast iron, only a small percentage of it is melted into iron. Molybdenum has many advantages to being used as an alloying element. Molybdenum is used to improve the strengths and toughness of steel, improve corrosive resistance in acid solution as well as liquid metal, to improve wear resistance of steel, welding and heat resistance of steel, and improve the permeability of steel.

Chemical Fields

According to, molybdenum is a very solid lubricant due to its friction coefficient being very low. It can be used in a vacuum due to its ultra-low and high temperature and its yield strength. Furthermore, molybdenum is widely used in the chemical industry in gas turbines, gears, molds, aerospace, nuclear industry, and many other fields.

Molybdenum is a very solid catalyst due to its compound. Being a strong catalyst makes it a viable choice in the chemical, textile, plastic, and other industries.

Chrome yellow and yellow cadmium is the world’s most commonly used inorganic yellow pigments, but little do people know is that these colors are very toxic. Molybdenum, on the other hand, is not toxic, stable, has a good thermal capacity, bright colors, despite the fact being yellow. This makes molybdenum’s use of paint, ink, plastic, rubber, and ceramic products very popular.

Electrical and Electronic Fields

Molybdenum has a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of glass and has good electrical conductivity with high-temperature resistance. It is precisely the reason why molybdenum is used in the making of core wires, lead wires, hooks for spiral filaments, and more. This material can cut various kinds of steel and hard alloys.

Medical Fields

Molybdenum is an essential trace element of the human body. It is the main component of many enzymes, and it serves as a link in the function of our organism. Since our organism participates in the interaction between iron, sulfur, and copper, molybdenum can promote human development, enhance the stay, oxygen in vivo storage, can improve dental care, and kidney stones. Molybdenum can also be used in medicine in the treatment of Keshan disease and Kaschin Beck disease, esophageal cancer, and various other diseases.



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