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Useful Tips You Need to Know When Cruising in Vietnam

Vietnam is an attractive destination which is a popular choice for tourists around the world when planning a holiday.

There is no shortage of ways to explore Vietnam, depending on your preference. For a lot of travelers, cruising is an exciting way to discover the beauty of Vietnam.

But, where are the best places for cruising in Vietnam and what you need to know about it?

Keep reading the post below to know more!

Cruising in Halong Bay – A must-do activity in Vietnam

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Halong Bay is a part of Tonkin Gulf, where there are 4 distinct seasons. The peak season in Halong starts from October to March next year when the price of the cruise is usually more expensive than the summer.

The low season is from April to September when the price is usually about 10-30% cheaper than the peak season. However, it is advisable to avoid cruising on Halong in June and July as there are many storms and tropical typhoons at this time.

In Halong Bay, there are hundreds of cruise ships that can meet your needs. If money isn’t your issue then you can choose Halong deluxe cruises in The price of a 5-star ship ranges from $140 – $200 per person.

Cruise in Halong Bay

Steel fleets: Usually 4-star and 5-star yachts, using steel shells to create the modernity and solidness. Some outstanding cruise ships are Au Co; Star Light, Emotion or Emeraude.

Wooden fleets: Designed with wooden shells that stand out from the oriental culture. Some prominent representatives are Paradise Luxury, Victoria Star, Paloma, Bhaya, Aphrodite, V’ spirit, Oriental Sails or Garden Bay.

Choosing the itinerary is also a necessary thing. Whether wooden or steel ships are be equipped with life jackets. If you do not see them, ask the management staff to provide and instructions for use.

Bai Tu Long and Halong Bay route: The ships providing this itinerary are Indochina Junks, Syrena, Emeraude

Bai Tu Long Bay – Lan Ha Bay – Halong Bay route: to go through these three bays, you need to book a 3-day-2-night tour. And the price is usually double that of a 2-day trip.

Halong Bay route: There are a lot of Halong Bay cruises that offer this route.

What to pack when cruising in Halong Bay? – Personal paper, shower gel, shampoo, sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, slippers, swimwear, and camera are what you need to bring.

Cruising on Han River in Da Nang

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Da Nang is one of the most famous tourist spots in Central. There are tons of interesting activities you can experience there, but have you ever thought of a cruise on the Han River?

With only two hours, you can admire the whole view of the Han River at night and enjoy romantic dinners.

Han River cruise has many trips held daily and the departure time is 6:10 pm – 7:10 pm – 8:10 pm and 9:10 pm. Note that the cruise on Sunday will depart at exactly 8 pm.

Cruising on Han River

There are many different types of boats in terms of size and interior quality on Han River. To ensure the safety of the yacht, the quality of service as well as cheap prices, you need to find out information carefully.

Once you plan to experience a cruise on the Han River, you should book tickets in advance, especially on weekends with events such as Dragon spitting fire or festivals taking place close to the banks of the Han River.

Sitting on the Han River cruise, you will feel slowly gliding on the small waves rolling in the middle of the river. Standing on the large window of the boat, you can admire the shimmering beauty of the two river banks. Also, you can see the famous bridges of Danang including Dragon Bridge, Han River Bridge, Love Bridge, and Thuan Phuoc Bridge.

Han River cruise in Danang is like a miniature restaurant with bar, restaurant, performance stage and outdoor space for everyone to admire the view outside. Once departing, the Han River cruise will organize special cultural performances for guests.

Cruising in Mekong Delta

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Mekong Delta – a peaceful region with an interesting culture is surely on many people’s bucket lists. Coming there, tourists often choose a Mekong River cruise to explore the beauty of the region.

Cruise in Mekong Delta

What you can expect for a cruise in Mekong Delta?

  • Visit Tra Su Forest: Located in the tourist route of Cam Mountain and Sam mountain of An Giang, Tra Su forest is home to hundreds of species of animals and plants, of which many are listed as rare and precious ones. In the late afternoon, you will admire the more brilliant sunset sinking under the trees and watch the flock of birds flying to their nests.
  • Visit a fish farm in Chau Doc: Fish rafting village of Chau Doc people in An Giang province is one of the unique attractions reflecting the unique cultural style of the river. Each raft here is considered a connected house stretching along the banks of the Bassac River. Not only witness the way of processing fish food, but you can also feed fish on the raft.
  • Visit Cai Rang floating market: Cai Rang is one of the two most famous markets in the Southwest, which is the place for exchanging and trading fruits and agricultural products of the region. This floating market shows the typical culture and simple life of local people, becoming an attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists. Coming here, you will experience the feeling of floating on the river and admire the colorful fruits on the boats. You can try the specialties of this land, sip a cup of coffee in the river cafes and immerse yourself into the romantic nature to see the busy life happening around.

We hope that after reading this post, you can plan your cruise trips in Vietnam easier. If you find this article helpful, please share it with others. Have a nice trip!