How Surviving the Human Trafficking Ring Gave this Spiritual Entrepreneur Her Fire

When life throws you lemons, make a refreshing lemonade drink out of it.”

There’s usually that life-changing event that sets your life in a different direction entirely. Whenever this happens, it’s either you drown in the situation, or you reach out for a life jacket and swim to the shore.

Swimming to the shore is not usually an easy feat. And no, we can’t always blame those who drown in the situation. It requires a lot of optimism, strength, courage, determination, and the ability to see past what is happening currently. Truth be told, not everyone has these characteristics in them. Even when you sail through the situation, it can leave you unbalanced, and uncertain of what to do next.

Some of these occurrences are outside our control or volition, and they usually have a dramatic impact on our lives— either for good or bad. They may come our way as a result of choice, crisis, or chance.

Remain Resilient

While we can’t avoid unexpected events in our lives, we can control how we choose to respond to them— and this requires a certain degree of resilience. This power of resilience helps us to cope with loss, trauma, or change. This also provides us the opportunity to adapt to life-changing events, bounce back from turbulent times, and activate rewarding changes in our lives.

Robin Rivera— founder, and CEO of Robin Rivera Global, once had a run-in with a human trafficker. “I didn’t know what was going on, but I knew I was very confused and that these were dangerous people,” She says.

Terrified, she ran away and found solace in her ex-boyfriend. However, when she eventually got home, she discovered that she was pregnant. Gradually, this pregnancy became the turning point in Robin’s life, because she had to make that conscious decision to heal and develop herself.

It was that pregnancy that turned everything around. I knew I had to heal myself for this innocent child, and that gave me the power to do what I was never able to do before. It was really hard to change and to heal, but I pulled through, and the rest is history,” Rivera recalls.

When we listen to stories of those who overcame obstacles, we’re reminded of how strong and resilient we could be— if we choose to. If you want to really get inspired, read stories of those who rose above their shortcomings.

Resilience isn’t a macho quality, nor is it something you’re born with. It’s an ongoing process that requires effort to build and maintain over time. Building resilience can help you to maintain a positive outlook, and also get through the darkest of days.

Take a Leap of Faith

It can be quite tasking to take a conscious decision to get out of a daunting situation. But once you decide to take that leap of faith, there’s no turning back. You’ve got to go all out.

The turning point for Rivera was when she got introduced to entrepreneurs and healers. She later came in contact with a therapist who was a shamanic depth hypnosis practitioner. The therapist had told Rivera that she wasn’t broken.

Those words shook me to the core, and that was when I got to see with my eyes and feel with my heart what was possible. I delved into a lot of research on shamanic and holistic healing, and not long after, I created a business out of it,” Rivera claims.

Today, Robin Rivera Global offers training for spiritual healers and coaches to empower their clients’ healing process.

Taking a leap of faith and submitting yourself into the unknown can be rewarding. It allows you to start anew and feel completely free and reborn. It even allows you to find out who you really are, without being held back by any kind of fear.

Have a Positive Mindset

Will it work out? Will it not? What if I fail?

Well, what if you succeed? What if you win? What if everything works out so much that you look back and you applaud yourself? And oh well, what if you fail? But you become stronger, and win like never before? You’ll never know until you try.

Positive thinking requires you to focus on the positive and still see the good in people and circumstances. Positivity often extends and eventually becomes a habit that guides you towards overall optimism. This mindset is further intertwined with solid pillars of well-being like happiness, emotional intelligence, career success, solid relationships, and physical health.

At the same time, you may find yourself in such a terrible situation that it seems like no matter how much you try, you’re bound to fail. You’ll often feel like the world is against you. In trying times like these, you’ve got to stay positive through it all.

Affirmations are also a great way to remain positive. Even when you’re unsure of what the future holds, reinforcing your mind, body, and soul, with positive words is a great way to instill positivity in yourself.

Don’t Take it Personal

It’s not the end of the world.

Just because life is not going your way doesn’t mean you’re a loser. Remember that. Don’t personalize your shortcomings, or see it as a sort of repercussion for something you did in the past. That is a slow poison.

How you internalize setbacks or difficulties really matters. You must not allow it to color who you are. Remember, a setback isn’t permanent. It only becomes permanent when you allow yourself to wallow in it— which will make you feel worse and ultimately disempowered.

Do not drown in self-pity, nor should you allow negatives to get to you. It’s okay to feel sad about the things you can’t control. Acknowledge the fear, anxiety, or disappointment. But then, have the courage to snap out of it, and consciously give space for a positive way to view the situation. Think about what you can do, then put energy into those actions.

Wrapping Up

Search for silver linings, and aim for the skies.

When you’re faced with life hurdles, believing in yourself, alongside having a positive mindset is key. When you put faith in yourself, there’s this inner confidence that constantly reminds you of who you are, and how powerful you are to overcome any situation that you find yourself in.