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Skip Tracing Tools and Techniques

Debts are that part of the economy that is reached to an alarming stage, several companies and businesses have shut down due to the accumulation of debt and their inability to pay it. The bad choices of investments or product or services lead to the accumulation of debt as your initial investment won’t provide you with enough to pay off the debt. If you are struggling with such a situation, then the debt collection agencies may help you to fix this problem while ensuring that your business is not affected by the non-paying debtors.

Among these tools are Skip tracing tools and techniques. Skip tracing is a term that describes the method of searching for whereabouts of a person in real time. This is a very cost-effective technique to look for the consumers or debtors who are on the run. Here are some of the skip tracing tools:

  1. Search engines:

These can be helpful in searching for the person you are looking for. Google, Yahoo! Or Bing are the search engines that will find the person you need, the information provided can also be filtered to date so that you receive the latest information. You can also search for the mobile number of the person instead of just the name. Additionally, there is an option to type their registration to search for them, also add inverted commas to the specific information so that the search engine focuses on it.

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  1. Social media:

If the person likes to be on the social media and he shares private information on social media then Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus will make you find some important and confidential information about them such as their address, school name, phone number, date of birth, place of work and more. Well, this is not the case for everyone as many people hide their information from the general public. However, you will get the clues about their whereabouts from their social media accounts.

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  1. Yellow and white pages:

White pages will let you know the phone number of a person if you know their name and suburb. The information is generated with the help of Telstra senses, therefore, it is more updated than others. However, you will only get the mobile number of a person, you have to combine this data with other tools so that you may know more about that person. On the other hand, yellow pages will provide you with the addresses as well as contact numbers of a person if you are aware of his workplace.


  1. Email checkers: or will enable you to check that the email address is valid or not.


  1. ABN lookup:

The ABN Lookup web services have been made available by the Australian government, and it includes name lookup and ABN Lookup. It allows you to perform various services by using ABN or ACN.

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  1. Who is Melbourne: is the site that will help you to know the owner of domain names and their staff.

There are many tools, types of equipment and techniques that the debt collection agencies utilize to recover the debt while following the rules and guidelines. Make sure that you select the best tools and technologies.

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