Runescape 3: +30 Pets and How to Rank Them from Worst to Best

Welcome to our weekly installment in our blog series; in this week’s article, we will provide our readers with some RuneScape 3 knowledge. Specifically, we will discuss the Pets available in the game and rank them from worst to best, so our users know exactly who they should have by their side on their adventures.

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Skilling Pets: What you need to know

1- Rocky

First on our list of Skilling Pets is Rocky. This pet is acquired through the Mining skill. Players can get their hands on him by mining ores, rune essence, Serenstones, granite, falling stars, etc.

Most of the text associated with the Rocky Pet is a play on words or puns regarding his name and appearance; additionally, when you converse with Rocky, a dialogue will be started that references the famous Rocky Balboa motivational speech.

2- Woody

Second last to the bottom of the barrel is Woody, a Wood skilling pet. You can unlock him by cutting trees, such as bamboo and crystal, icy locations, splitting logs, or training Woodcutting at the Clan Citadel.

Similarly to Rocky, Woody makes his own references. This time, in keeping with his theme of being a wooden boy, he references Pinocchio; a running theme within the Skilling Pets is puns regarding their appearance and/or name.

3- Smithy

Next, we have Smithy. This pet is obtained through the Smithing skill, more specifically, smelting bars/corrupted ore, smithing metal bars, and casting the “Superheat item magic spell.”

Smithy is a relation of Rocky and Gemi, informing you as his owner that at Christmas, they meet to exchange gifts and wrestle.

4- Gemi

Gemi, the relation of Rocky and Smithy, is obtained through the Crafting skill. She can be unlocked by creating jewelry, leather, glass blowing, or capping at the clan citadel loom.

This pet is very fashion-conscious and is commonly heard praising the Mahjarrat for their impeccable fashion sense. A relation to Rocky and Smithy, she also occasionally joins them for the holiday celebrations.

5- Bernie

Next on our list is Bernie, who players can acquire through the Firemaking skill. All of the standard methods offered by Firemaking skill can help you obtain Bernie. However, players must note that Protean logs can not be burnt as a way to obtain this pet.

Bernie’s appearance resembles Woody, except his form is on fire in keeping with the skill he is known for. Once he realizes the state of his appearance, he will appear to be running, flailing his arms.

6- Ace

Making our way up the list, we come to Ace, the pet you can obtain through the hunting skill. You can get your hands on this pet via Box trapping, Tortle trapping, etc.

7- Malcolm

Next on our list is Malcolm; this pet resembles a clockwork firefly and can be obtained via the Invention skill. The tasks you can do for a chance to get Malcolm are disassembly, siphoning, manufacturing items, and creating gizmos.

The interesting thing about this pet is he has the ability to use morse code to communicate, often using his signature phrase, “Existence is pain,” as a nod to a character of the same species from Homestuck.

8- Dojo Mojo

Coming in next, we have Dojo Mojo, the Agility skill pet. You can get your hands on him by training at the agility courses located throughout Gielinor. Players can not use silver hawk boots to passively train Agility if they wish to obtain this pet.

Keeping with the theme of referencing pop culture in the Skilling Pet genre, Dojo Mojo is, in fact, modeled on the infamous Powerpuff girls’ character Mojo Jojo.

9- Gordie

Gordie is the next pet to Grace our list, coming in at number 20; this pet is obtained via the Dungeoneering skill. Players must complete dungeon floors and elite dungeons in order to get the chance to get their hands on him. The best chance of getting this pet is by completing solo large floor dungeons granting 200M Dungeoneering XP.

10- Wallace

Wallace is a pet gained by training the Defence skill in combat. He represents the icon for the Defense skill and is depicted as a Grenwall wearing a helmet and donning a shield.

Wallace claims to have intimidated a blacksmith into creating his armor for him by threatening them with his claws, though this is speculation.

11- Ramsay

The pet of the Cooking skill, obtained by players through cooking food or brewing ales. He bears a striking resemblance to Mudknuckles and Kringle; both of whom are goblin chefs also.

The name given to this pet is once again a pop culture reference. He is named after the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay and has a signature phrase, “Idiot Sandwich.”

12- Ralph

Up next, we have Ralph, the Thieving skill pet. In order for you to get your hands on this crafty fellow, you will need to do some pickpocketing, safecracking, and Pyramid Plunder.

Similarly to the pop culture references but slightly diverting from that path, Ralph is a raccoon. This is because raccoons are often considered bandits and mischievous thieves.

13- Brains

Next, we have the Farming pet known as Brains; you can acquire him through planting seeds, harvesting produce, and completing training at the Player-owned farm.

His name and appearance are a reference to the Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz. A nudge toward the mention of “If I only had a brain.”

14- Sparky

Ranged combat is the skill that offers this Skilling pet; he is acquired through training ranged in combat.

This pet, interestingly enough, seems to have a pop culture reference within his appearance, slightly resembling Robin Hood. However, he was actually the only combat-skilling pet not designed by a player and is, in fact, modeled off a pre-existing NPC. When you unlock Sparky, the NPC will disappear.

15- Crabbe

As we make our way through the list of best to worst pets, we have found ourselves at the halfway point. This is where we meet Crabbe. The Slayer-skilling pet resembles a gargoyle; you can get your hands on this epic-looking pet by completing Slayer or Soul Reaper assignments.

His pop culture reference is a nod to the Harry Potter characters Crabbe and Goyle. Additionally, when other gargoyles are nearby, he has a unique dialogue.

16- Kangali

The next pet on our list is Kangali, the Strength pet. Acquired by training the Strength skill during combat, this pet closely resembles the Australian national symbol, the boxing kangaroo.

Much like his counterparts, his appearance and name are referencing someone else. His boxing gloves and signature “Ali” at the end of his name are a nod to the famous Muhammad Ali. He also mentions beating Hal’Toro in a fight, which had been the second option for the Strength pet, but Kangali won in the voting process.

17- Bubbles

Next, we have the Fishing Skilling pet, Bubbles. Players can acquire this pet through training the Fishing skill at Geilinors Normal or Barbarian fishing hotspots.

Yet another pop culture reference is made to this pet, as Bubbles resembles a Divine Rocktail Bubble. In addition, the same breed of fish is seen in Finding Nemo, also with the same name.

18- Baby Yaga’s House

Baby Yaga’s house is the construction pet that players can unlock this pet through furniture construction hotspots, fixing harps, construction contracts, and flatpacks. Additionally, players can obtain this pet by preparing stones at the Stonemason.

Unlike some other pets with dialogue Baby Yaga’s house does not speak; instead, he has a flea residing inside him that does.

19- Sifu

The combat pet Sifu is obtained by players partaking in Combat skilling; however, they must note that combat dummies do not offer a chance for them to obtain Sifu.

His coloring is based on the Attack Mastery skillcape, and, of course, there is yet another pop culture reference! This pet resembles a traditional Chinese dragon, but more specifically, he resembles Mushu from Mulan.

20- Ghostly

As we make our way to the best skilling pet, we come to Ghostly, the Prayer combat pet. The chance of obtaining Ghostly is slim, even when compared to others. Players can acquire him, however, by burning bones and scattering ashes.

This cute pet constantly carries an incense burner with him to pay respects to your dedication to prayer.

21- Archie

The Archeology pet, Archie, is a child-like mummy that can be obtained by training at any of the Archeology sites throughout Gielinor. Doing so offers a chance to get your mitts on this skilling pet.

Once again, we have a pop culture reference tied to this pet; this time, referencing an episode of Dr. Who. His dialogue is, “Are you, my mummy?” A nod to the episode titled “The Empty Child.”

22- Flo

The Fletching pet. This pet can’t be obtained through fletching Protean logs, so if players want to get Flo in their collection of pets, they will have to take their chances fletching and stringing bows and feathering arrows.

23- Shamini

Shamini is the Summoning pet and can be acquired by training the Summoning skill. More specifically, by crafting familiar pouches at Summon obelisks.

His name is a combination of “Shaman” and “mini” to create a cute but to-the-point title. Though this spirit pet does not have a pop culture reference, it does make several summoning puns. More sadly, though, he is the spirit of a deceased aspiring shaman, one which death did not come to greet. Meaning this poor guy has been wandering the earth until you collect him.

24- Newton

The Magic skilling pet. This newt-like pet can be obtained by training magic during combat or through casting magic spells.

Newton references Sir Isaac Newton. Additionally, he has a roommate named “Inspiration” who likes to throw apples at him. This is another nod to Sir Isaac’s discovery of gravity.

25- Herbert

The herblore pet that can be acquired via making potions and cleansing/burning herbs. He is fitting with his species and is significantly slower than most other pets.

There is yet again, a pop culture reference tied to this pet, as he loosely resembles Venosaur; the grass type Pokémon.

26- Willow

This is the Divination pet and can be obtained by collecting energy at wisp locations and also by converting memories. Additionally the EmptyThrone Room mini game enables players the ability to unlock Willow.

27- Morty

Coming in second on our list is Morty, the Constitution-skilling pet that can be trained passively through Combat. Much like Constitution allows players to increase their health pool, Axolotls can regrow damaged body parts.

Morty’s heart is also visible through his translucent skin, a nod to the fact that the Constitution icon is a heart.

28- Rue

Rue is the Runecrafting pet that can be acquired by crafting all types of runes at Elemental altars. Visually this pet is one of the most impressive, donning incredible skeletal wings flowing with energy that lingers around and behind her.

29 – Bloodhound

If you’re an avid Treasure Trails enthusiast, the Bloodhound pet is a must-have companion. Obtained through the Hunter skill, this loyal hound has an uncanny ability to sniff out clue scrolls. As you traverse the game’s vast landscapes, the Bloodhound will guide you to hidden treasures, making your adventures even more rewarding. To acquire this elusive pet, players must successfully catch specific creatures while training their Hunter skills.

30 – Tangleroot

The Tangleroot pet, tied to the Farming skill, is a charming miniature tree that captures the hearts of dedicated farmers and it’s worth every OSRS gold you can spare. This unique pet is obtained by checking the health of any fully grown farming patch, rewarding players for their diligent care of plants and crops. Tangleroot’s presence adds a touch of whimsy to the farming experience, making it a sought-after companion for those with green thumbs.

31 – Phoenix

The third missing Skilling Pet that deserves recognition is the majestic Phoenix. Dedicated Firemaking enthusiasts aspire to obtain this mythical creature as their companion. The Phoenix pet can be acquired by training the Firemaking skill and has a fiery aura that illuminates its surroundings. As players tend to flames and ignite logs, the Phoenix offers encouragement and a sense of mastery over the element of fire. With its radiant presence, the Phoenix adds a touch of awe-inspiring beauty to the Firemaking skill.

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