Rings That Bind Us

Women or young girls love rings and jewelry in general. These not only add to their beauty but also make them look bold and strong. Some jewelry just changes the way a girl looks. And nose rings are not only popular among women; men love them too. Men too wear them.

The fashion of piercing your nose has been favorite amongst many women since ages. Even today not only married women in India (as it is a custom for a married woman to wear the nose ring) but also young girls from school love to make a hole for the bling-bling. If the nose ring designs please them, nothing would stop them from buying it and soon flaunt the ring on various occasions.

In India, there are various types of nose rings. Since it is a multicultural country, there are different types of nose accessories, for every person to choose. Some are big, some are small, some come with just a curved or folded extension and some come with a screw. Different people wear different types of nose rings for different occasions. You can see more information here.

Some of the few famous pieces in Indian culture are the Latkan nose ring, that comes with a drop which hangs from the nose end looks like a dewdrop falling. These kind are very famous as bridal jewelry. There are various forms of the same too, like Punjabi latkan, Rajasthani, etc. These nose accessories are studded with stones, pearls, coloured metal, etc. Majority of the Indian brides wear these and you will rarely see one without it.

The next most famous nose ring has its roots in the state of Maharashtra. It is known as ‘Nathni’ or ‘Maharashtrian Nathni’. Usually studded with stones and pearls, the nathni is most common Maharashtrian Jewellery. The huge Konkani nose ring is next in the list. These nose rings have a long stick attached to the big designed and a carved piece of metal worn on the nose. The folklore says each of the Konkan jewelry design is inspired from nature. The other famous styles include diamond rings, stone or pearl studded on the base of the metal, tiny plain rings, and the trendy rings in different colored metal. The black metal nose rings are growing famous nowadays.

This is the important jewelry in the country of India. As you keep moving to a different place or region in the country, you would find different types of nose rings depending on the culture prevailing in the region. And now, with the internet, it has become easy to find all kinds of accessories everywhere in the country. This makes the culture in the region more diverse. You could come across a lady living in Rajasthan wearing a Kanjeevaram silk saree and the Maharashtrian Nathni. This is the beauty of diversity in India. And this is what binds us together.

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