How To Learn The Process Of Writing A Research Paper

Research papers are a fundamental part of any academic life. You will be required to write several of them by the end of your college life. Knowledge of how to write a research paper will have a direct impact on your overall performance. Look at it this way, you will be required to write a paper for every course you take. Interestingly, the methodology for writing a research paper does not change. According to , once you master the rules, you are on your way to academic success.


It is not lost on experts that each paper comes with unique instructions. However, these instructions form just a part of overall directions. If you cover the main instructions, the remaining 5%-10% of instructions will be easier to execute.

Here is a look at how you can learn and master research paper writing to improve your academic performance.

  • Review the Lesson on Academic Writing

Part of common courses in all colleges and universities include research writing. You will be introduced to the different sections of a paper, citation, research methodologies, referencing, and most of what you need to write an academic paper. Materials on academic writing are also available in the library or over the internet. Review the materials for revision purpose.

Different requirements on research paper writing are addressed in the course. For instance, you will learn how to treat MLA, Chicago, and APA formatting styles. You will also understand the difference between an essay, research paper, thesis, and dissertation, among other academic exercises.

Research writing will vary based on your discipline or department. Supervisors also issue unique instructions based on the topic. Such differences require clarification before you begin any paper. Do not make assumptions on instructions because it could lead to disqualification or the demand to repeat the entire paper.

  • Use Certified Samples and Examples

Learn from works produced by other scholars. Seniors in the same department are the best role models when it comes to writing a research paper. They have tackled the same topics and followed similar instructions. It makes it easier for them to guide you through the instructions.

Samples of research papers similar to what you are supposed to produce can be found in the library. Because libraries serve a variety of students, you will get samples and examples of all types. The quality of academic papers found in the library is ascertained. Samples and examples give you a practical demonstration of what is expected once you complete your paper.
  • Understand the Instructions that Come with Each Paper

Evaluate the instructions that come with each paper before getting down to writing. Slight variations in instructions result in a huge difference. For instance, you may be used to APA formatting style only to find a paper that requires you to use MLA. Do not make any assumption regarding instructions.

Before leaving the class as the assignment is issued, ensure that you understand the instructions provided. In case any of the instructions is unclear, seek clarification. Do not risk repeating the entire paper or being penalized because you failed to execute a single piece of instruction.

  • Use Writing Apps Online

Use resources like apps and videos online to learn more about research paper writing. The apps will demonstrate such elements are citations and referencing such that you can see a clear difference. Since the apps are available over the phone and 24/7, you can learn anywhere and at any time.

Beware of low quality online materials and apps. Ascertain the credibility of developers and check reviews for the opinions of previous users. Using a low quality app or online video will give misleading results. It affects your overall academic performance.

  • Hire a Coach

Hire a professional academic writing coach to guide you through the process. Ask all the questions you may have regarding academic papers. You will also get clarification on instructions that may be difficult to understand.

Research writing coaches are available online from writing services. They have written numerous academic papers and can execute any instructions. You can ask questions or help anytime of the day or night to help you complete your academic paper.

  • Read High Quality Academic Works

Visit the library and read some of the highly regarded academic works in your discipline. Request for past research papers from your department or recommendations of titles you can get elsewhere. Notice how the seasoned writers treat such elements as citations, references, different chapters, research presentation, footnotes, and such crucial academic writing features. You will become one of the best writers if you copy the gurus in your industry.
  • Practice Intensely

Write as many academic papers as possible, implementing what you learn along the way. The best way to understand rules is by implementing them. When given an assignment, be deliberate with every paragraph, word, and elements of your writing. Ask questions once you receive your academic papers back. It helps you to understand mistakes you might have made and correct them. Over time, you will no longer make the same mistakes. Practice helps your grasp of academic writing to significantly improve over time.

It takes effort to learn how to write academic papers. Furthermore, you will be writing a lot of them by the time you complete college. To avoid a poor performance, learn the rules and practice intensely. Seek help whenever you encounter difficulty. Consider hiring a coach to guide you through research paper writing.