Get To Know How Group ESTA Application Works

Families planning to travel to America for a short vacation and are natives of the Visa Waiver program can apply for ESTA. ESTA application forms can be directly submitted online and travel authorization is also received instantly. A feature that allows to process group applications simultaneously is also available. One person from the family can submit ESTA application forms for the whole family. However, they need to keep necessary details like personal data and passport numbers of every member handy.

Even if you travel in group there will be no reduction in the ESTA cost. There will be a need to pay transfer as well as procession fees for each application, even minor kids. Collective ESTA application even works for group of friends.

Reason to fill group ESTA application

Travelling with family to a foreign land can be hard, especially managing files. In this case, file management will be handled by one family member. Parents can submit ESTA visa application forms for minor kids or even elderly. It helps to ensure that every member has got ESTA approval prior departure to the US. All the applications submitted simultaneously will also receive rapid response in chorus.

How approval or refusal work with group application?

The Homeland Security examines the group application forms and sends an email to the main person who submitted all the forms. Response time is maximum 72 hours. Every traveling member will get an independent authorization or refusal for their tour to the US. If it is a refusal for a single member than he/she can reapply again for ESTA after 10 days or apply for travel Visa from American Embassy.

Such refusal cannot impact the approval of other group applicants. They will be able to use their ESTA legally for two years.

Should the group include family members only?

Group means either friends or family or unmarried couples, who desire to travel together. They can collectively complete ESTA group application. However, one person will be responsible for completing the application forms, so will require to have necessary information about each one in the group, at hand.

The only need is to answer all questions correctly, which means the responsible person has to be familiar with everyone travelling in group.

Advantages of group ESTA application for family

Family trips need plenty of time to plan and organize. Therefore, ESTA application to tour the US is a very logical concept and offers great advantages.

  • Single family member is liable for submitting applications. It ensures no one delays or forgets to apply for ESTA, which can possibly result in that member being blocked at point of departure.
  • All the family members will get ESTA approval in chorus.
  • Validity will also be same and so future visits can also be enjoyed together
  • Saves a lot of time because all forms are filled on the official website. In case of form filling issues, the group representative is contacted.
  • Other travellers can focus on organizing airport tickets, baggage, itinerary planning, and other activities because administrative process is allocated to a single person.

Group ESTA applications are ideal and practical solution for those planning a family tour to the US.