Garrett Atkins: The Journey From 22 And Broke To 26 And Flourishing

With all the innovations happening to technology and the Internet, a lot of individuals figured out that it is worth investing in this field. There have been hundreds of people who have become well-known and financially stable online entrepreneurs in the last decade. And amongst all of these well-known business people, there is one who is a class above his colleagues – his name is Garrett Atkins.

Currently, at the age of 27, he owns one of the most successful online full-service digital marketing companies. His company is called “Vie Media” and it is stationed in St. Louis, Missouri. Garrett also founded and is one of the stakeholders of, which is the only and most amazing podcast studio in that region of America.


But now, you might be wondering, how did it all begin? What did it take for him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs and how did he become financially stable? Well, the text below will explain the steps he took that led to him becoming a thriving entrepreneur. Let’s take a closer look at his journey:

The Backstory

When he was only 23-years old, Garrett decided to make a name for himself by creating his first firm. With Vie Media, he managed to build various partnerships with some of the top brands, startup companies, and smaller and medium-sized businesses – this allowed him to build the most important firm in St. Louis.

When he first started the company, his revenue was close to 2000 dollars every month, however, with a lot of dedication and work, he managed to grow his revenue flow, and in 2019, his earning were higher than $1.25 million! Which is quite an amazing growth if you think about it.

Fast forward to three years later – his first company was already becoming popular and respected – he decided to start another company, however, this time, he decided that it would be a podcast studio. This decision led to him getting a prestigious title – the serial entrepreneur.

His second company was even more successful, and it grew rapidly. How you might be wondering? Well, he and his team managed to clock over 35 annual contracts in only six months, which lead his company becoming a household and respected name not only in St. Louis, but other places as well.

He Took On All The Responsibilities of Leading His Entreprises

Now, Garrett quickly realized that there is a need for a specific industry, to engage and communicate with individuals who have the same concepts and ideas. He also realized that he cannot do it by himself. And, when you think about it, he is completely right. Imagine how difficult it would be if someone had to implement an idea and build an entire company from nothing on their own.

Of course, like starting any company nowadays, it was not an easy process and journey. He had to invest a lot of money into it, as well as his time – and the most difficult thing was for him to find partners that he would work with. After all, he did manage to convince giant household brands such as Metro by T-mobile and Arsenal credit union to establish a system with him which is something that is not so easy.

Garrett’s willpower is built on the desire to be successful, to be one of the forerunners in the digital marketing world. However, he does not only strive to be rich and powerful. Garrett wants to give back to the community by assisting other people with their businesses in Missouri. From being 23 and completely broke, he now moved to be one of the leading people who has established partnerships with a lot of companies.

What Makes His Brand Stand Out From The Crowd?

One of the biggest differences between his company and its competitors is that it is deeply involved in the technology/digital space. For instance, out of all CEO’s of digital advertising agencies in Missouri, he has the largest audience on every social media platform except for TikTok and YouTube.

Garrett Atkins did not only focus on being the CEO of his companies but, he is also deeply involved with it and he lives it and practices it every day. He strives to create strategic and meaningful ventures for his businesses, which is what allows him to build it further.

In several interviews, he stated that there was one important lesson that he learned before he started VIE Media. This lesson what that he figured out that he can do anything that he sets his mind to, as long as he does not have to break the rules of science or physics.

He shares his knowledge, experience, and practices of the business world through his personal social media accounts. He also uses these social media platforms – including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – to connect with aspiring entrepreneurs, businessmen, and freethinkers, meaning that he managed to create a community where people can join and learn.

Garrett also shows his leadership skills and public speaking abilities through a wide range of avenues like podcasts, keynote speaking, mentorship, and non-profit organizations. He is on the board of directors for an NGO called “KMA Foundation”. The main goal of the organization is to work with the Missouri Department of Transportation with the objective of identifying the roads that have high fatality rates and then making changes to them to reduce the overall accident and fatality rates. The team behind this NGO travel all over America where they visit high schools and educate teenagers about safe driving and they also raise driver safety awareness.


As you already know, being successful requires a lot of passion, time, and investment, which is something Garrett quickly realized and implemented in his journey. And, although he is a young, thriving businessman, he still gives back to his society. This means that success, fame, and wealth did not affect Garrett in a way that it often affects other people, but instead, he embraced it and he started helping other people with starting and expanding their businesses.

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