Top 11 Films about the Life and Work of Teachers

The life of a teacher can be a fulfilling one. One of the most important people in our society, those who grow the minds of your young ones, of those who will shape society, sometimes do not get the recognition they deserve. So we wanted to compile this list of movies that value our teachers and educators. We hope you will enjoy our suggestions and gain even more respect towards these people.

“Dead Poets Society”, 1989

Welton is a prestigious college with strict discipline and strict prohibitions. School seems unbearably boring here. But everything changes when John Keating shows up to teach English literature. The new teacher says that life is fleeting and it is necessary to live in the moment: “Poetry, romance, love – for the sake of them we live!

Together with the young high school boys, Keating secretly resumes the “Dead Poets Society,” where he teaches life itself – helping students find their purpose. However, this teaching goes against the plans of the parents, who expected a different career for their children.

“The substitute “, 2011

Henry Bart travels around the country substituting for temporarily absent educators. He decides to become a “substitute teacher” because of psychological problems, as he is afraid to establish emotional intimacy with people.

This time, Bart finds himself in a public school where misconduct, rude behavior, and foul language are the order of the day. Henry has just three weeks to change the students’ outlook and set them on the right path. Little by little, the talented mentor succeeds.

However, his personal life is complicated by a series of events. At the nursing home is a dying grandfather, Bart’s only relative. In addition, one of the students falls in love with him.

“The Chorus”, 2004

France, 1949. Clément Mathieu, a music teacher, finds himself in a boarding school for troubled teenagers. The director of the school harshly suppresses the antics of the children, which only further inflames their anger.

Good-natured Mathieu decides to radically change the educational approach and organizes a choir. As it turns out, there are many good singers among the students. However, the director is not happy with such educational measures.

“Good Will Hunting”, 1997

Will Hunting is a 20-year-old genius with a phenomenal memory and brilliant mathematical abilities. However, the guy leads a miserable existence working as a janitor at a technology institute. Caught up in another scrape, Hunting is arrested.

Mathematics professor Gerald Lambo takes the young man under his care on the condition that he take a course of psychotherapy. A friendship develops between the new therapist and Will, not immediately, but one that will affect the lives of both of them.

“October Sky”, 1999

October 1957 is a historic event: for the first time, the USSR manages to launch a satellite “Mir” into earth orbit – the first step in space exploration by people.

In a small American town Colwood, a boy named Homer Hickam lives with the dream of exploring outer space. The young man wants to invent his flying machine. His school teacher and three best friends support him. But his father is strongly against it. He wants Homer to follow in his parents’ footsteps and become a miner. But his father’s convictions will not stop the boy.

“Mona Lisa Smile”, 2003

Massachusetts Wellesley College for Women is the place where future housewives are raised. In the early 1950s, a history teacher, the progressive and determined Katherine Anne Watson, arrives at the institution.

The girl does not like the patriarchal power here. Catherine plans to fight against the centuries-old college establishment with like-minded women from her class. Watson teaches them not to depend on men and think freely. Very soon the struggle for equality of the sexes begins to worry the college authorities.

“Freedom Writers”, 2006

Racism and violence run rampant in a school in the California town of Long Beach. Erin Gruevell, a young English teacher, is given a class with children from dysfunctional families – soon-to-be criminals and, at best, low-level employees. Gruevell has gone to great lengths to earn the trust and educate the students. For Erin herself, however, it had serious consequences: divorce and suspension.

“Mr. Pip”, 2012

A war breaks out on a small island in the Pacific Ocean. Soldiers commit atrocities in local villages. Most people are relocated to Australia. Mr. Watts, remaining the only white man on the island, organizes school classes. The locals are happy!

The first lessons are dedicated to Charles Dickens’ book, Great Expectations. The novel’s protagonist, Mr. Pip, becomes a real, though fictional, friend to the young Aboriginal girl Matilda. She writes his name in the sand, and it puzzles the soldiers who show up. Failing to find the real Pip, they begin a brutal massacre.

“Coach Carter”, 2005

Former basketball player Ken Carter becomes the coach of the team at Richmond High School. The boys are totally out of control and also physically unprepared. Ken decides to toughen the rules: now, to be a member of the team, you must study hard, participate in community service and look neat. The boys who agreed to the terms began to train regularly and win match after match.

Before an important championship, Carter learns that his charges are not very honest with him: they periodically miss classes and get bad grades. Unfortunately, there was no service as a PaperHelpWriting at that time, so the coach has to go to extreme measures right on the eve of an important game.

 “The Wave”, 2008

A shocking and highly topical film. Director Dennis Ganzel made a convincing picture about how a dictatorship arises. The main character, a teacher, decides to show the children in practice what “crowd control” is all about.

A German gymnasium these days. Pupils are studying political regimes. The topic is an autocracy, and the teacher proposes an experiment called “The Wave”. The term of the “practical exercise” is one week. The children engage in the game with interest. Everything started quite innocently: slogans, uniforms, badges, leaflets. But then someone did not want to join the ranks, broke the rules … The teenagers begin to forget that this is just another school project. It seems that the teacher loses control of the experiment. It’s time to end the game, but how do you stop the new dictatorship?

“Front of the class”, 2008

An incredible story, done masterfully. James Wolf is so much in the difficult image that you believe him, empathize and sympathize with him. And the story does not reek of contrivance, as the same “Teacher of the Year”.

The main character suffers from Tourette’s syndrome, which manifests itself in nervous tics and involuntary sounds. He wants to be a teacher, as fantastic as that sounds, and he is.