Amazing 6 Facts about the Eastern Box Turtle

The Eastern box turtle is an amazing pet that you can keep and many reptile enthusiasts are in love with Eastern box turtles. They are loved by many people and that is why they are a popular pet. You need to take care of the Easter box turtle so that they can live a happy and a healthy life without facing many problems inside the captivity.

The Eastern box turtle, as compared to other pets, also needs everything that is important so that they are comfortable living inside the captivity. In this article regarding Eastern box turtles we will discuss them and will tell you about amazing facts about them which will help us to know them even better and we will know how amazing creatures they are on this earth.

Amazing 6 facts about the Eastern box turtle

The Amazing 6 facts about the Eastern box turtle that makes them stand out from other pets and makes them an interesting pet are listed below:

1. Excellent homing instincts

You will notice that the Eastern box turtles are known for their excellent homing instincts and that is something very cool about them. It is said and also have been found that they will travel at an average of 55 yards in a day so that they can find their home by not going too far and can get back if there is a need to do so. This is the reason that makes the Eastern box turtle worthy of the excellent homing instincts and it is found in their home range up to 50 years; that is something strange and uncommon that will not be noticed in other species. However there are specific heat requirements such as mentioned here to properly care for your box turtle.

2. Long life span

The life span of the Eastern box turtle is long when we compare it to other species. You will be amazed when you will know that they live up to 40 to 50 years on an average. But there are also cases that they have even lived longer and that is up to 100 years. That is something quite amazing about them because it is not so easy to live for such a long time period. Also it has been noticed that the Eastern box turtle lives more when they are in captivity as compared to when they are in the wild.

3. Males have red eyes

The Eastern box turtles especially the males have red eyes and it has been found that the males have brighter eyes as compared to females. The females have brown colour eyes and because of the colour of the eyes of those turtles you can easily differentiate between the genders of the Eastern box turtle when you are seeing them in the wild. With a close look in their eyes you can easily tell which one is a male and which one is a female.

4. Everything they eat

The Eastern box turtle is known to eat everything that is available to them. From plants to animals to everything. They will eat living or dead any type of food that they get on their way. They will eat it without any doubt. Whatever they get in the wild they will eat irrespective of whether it is a vegetarian or non- vegetarian diet. They have no issues when it comes to food because they eat anything and everything as they are not choosy when it comes to food. It is quite interesting because very few species are like this and also they even kill live birds in order to eat them. In short the Eastern box turtles do not have any fear of food scarcity as they eat anything that is available to them which makes them an interesting species in all.

5. Lay eggs up to 4 years

You will be shocked to know that the Eastern box turtle will lay eggs up to 4 years after they have mated. This is something unusual that you will notice in Eastern box turtles. The female Eastern box turtle will be able to lay fertile eggs up to 4 years after successful mating. All these facts make the Eastern box turtle an amazing animal that you will find in nature.

6. Do not fight

The best thing about Eastern box turtles is that they do not fight and if they do fight that is a rare scenario but usually they do not and also they are fine with sharing their territories. This is a peaceful animal and that is why they are not aggressive and they do not fight which you can find with other animals and most of the reptiles are territorial in nature. If they will fight, which is quite rare, they will not cause much damage to each other. Otherwise the Eastern box turtle lives peacefully with each other without any sort of aggression and fights.

These are the 6 amazing facts about the Eastern box turtle and these facts tells us that the Eastern box turtle is an interesting animal that is found in nature with so many unique characteristics.

Final thoughts:

The Eastern box turtle is an awesome animal and as we have discussed earlier in this article. They do need lots of love and care if you keep them as pets because they are also sensitive and to make them live a comfortable life you need to take care of them and give them a comfortable lifestyle so that they can survive and enjoy their life inside the captivity. As an owner you need to understand the Eastern box turtle and also make sure that they are not facing any sort of problem inside the captivity and build a strong bond with their owners. You should be enjoying this cute animals and also make them comfortable and provide them with the best of everything for their well- being and also for their better survival.